Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Iffy's Problems Just Won't End

Iffy's woes just won't end. With everything else, now Iffy is having candidate problems.  A few days ago the Liberal Candidate in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke quit, I think that made it about the 6th in a short time.
Now we have this Liberal candidate bombshell     BTW.  I don't see many members of MSM reporting on this, another example of covering for the Libs.  A CPC candidate on the other hand it would be plastered all over the place.   
A city councillor and federal Liberal candidate in Chatham-Kent, Ont., has been charged with forcible confinement, assault and four counts of uttering threats.Chatham-Kent police arrested Steven Pickard, 40, on Monday afternoon. 
What will Iffy do with?  I would say he has no choice but to let him go and search for another but then again what has he done with Pablo Rodriguez.  After Pablo  was charged with  refusing a breathalyzer test, Iffy has been more or less silent and has done nothing about his member.

Iffy has had a lot of problems. Candidate problems is just one example of a litany of woes the Liberal leader has, it's a party that has unity problems  mainly the Bob Rae camp breathing down his neck,  a party that has trouble raising funds, no policy, and don't know what they stand for, "coalition if necessary but not necessarily a coalition,"

Mr. Iffy can't get any traction with voters.  He will once , spend the summer touring the country this time in a bus to introduce himself once again and to try to connect with Joe and Mary sixpack.  I think Joe and Mary have pretty well made up their mind. 

While Iffy is floundering  trying to rectify his problems, PM Harper is doing very well. He just concluded a successful G8/G20 summits hosting world leaders, and now hosting the Queen and her husband Prince Philip. Yes PM Harper is class act and is getting things done for Canada.  We are in good hands!  I think Joe and Mary can see that and in due time they will get to make a choice.


  1. Is Iffy going to come to bookbinder Boudria country where I live

  2. And the Dippers want to team up with this gang?

    Then again, the LPC is in such bad shape, this may be the NDPs one and only 'never again' opportunity to seize and replace the once 'natural governing party of Canada'.

  3. wilson, I think the the NDP could actually overtake the Libs and become the official opposition if they play their cards right. They need moderate some of their policies and seize on the Libs weaknesses but it's a time limited thing. They need to take advantage now!

  4. "Did you know your candidate is Buffalo Bill?" is not the kind of question Michael Ignatieff needs to be answering right now.

  5. LOL..Anonymous 10.41 was it not hilarious to see this idiot Boudria giving Chretien the binders and sucking up to him all the time.Just like some school children,not like Members of parliament.Actually they were both a disgrace to the house of parliament, Boudria with his binders and Chretien with his pepper spray comment and golf balls along with the signature on a napkin.Thank god we got rid of that group.But there are still a few of the old group around and they are teaching the power at all cost doctrine to the newcomers..They will never learn,that they should be working for Canada ,not the corrupt Liberal party.

  6. i hope the local lib assoc doesnt kick him out. i am really curious to know what a COMPLETE trouncing looks like here in chatham.


  7. "I don't see many members of MSM reporting on this, another example of covering for the Libs"

    They can't frmgrl, they are bounded to the liberals from day one- they helped the liberals remain in government for over thirteen years.

    Canada doesn't have a media on television, the liberals ndp and the bloc do.
    Anyone can join the LPOC without you or me ever knowing of his past. Look at BOB RAE.

  8. It's just sickening and pathetic our liberal media,Jen. A CPC, you'd be hearing about it for days and days every 15min. The headlines in the papers would be screaming. More proof for the need of SunNewsTv. On that front I can't wait!

  9. As I understand it, Christine Tabbert is the nominated Liberal candidate for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. However, Hec The Hat Clouthier will run as an Indy, he can't toe the party line on some issues. He turned down Iggy's advances.

    If I were Tabbert I would withdraw if the leader of the party pulled a stunt like that. She didn't stand a chance before Hec The Hat entered the equation and even less now. Neither of them have a hope.


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