Monday, June 28, 2010

Kudos to John Ibbitson for Kudos to the PM

John Ibbitson from the Globe, unusually gives the PM kudos this morning for accomplishments that were made at this weekend's G8/G20 summits.
While much of the chatter around the G20 summit has focused on fake lakes, billion-dollar budgets and burning police cars, the greater reality is that Stephen Harper guided the leaders of the world's largest and most influential economies to an accord – call it the Toronto Consensus – that surprised even the leaders themselves.
The leaders agreed on targets for deficit and debt reduction, maternal health initiative, and the best of all was killing the global bank tax.

Mr. Ibbitson then takes on the detractors.
Opposition politicians – and those who just don't like Mr. Harper very much – will continue to lament these blemishes. Otherwise, they would have to acknowledge what the Prime Minister has accomplished over the weekend, both at the G20 and at the G8, where Mr. Harper secured an agreement to increase funding for maternal and child health.
The way I see it, these back to back summits were a resounding success if you take out the thugs who caused all the chaos in downtown Toronto. We should count our blessings that we have PM Harper at the helm of our country.  PM Harper is a true statesman,works well with and is very well liked and respected by his counterparts.
 Thank you to Mr. Ibbitson for the unusually  positive  piece on PM Harper and his accomplishments.


  1. Leadership and dipolmatic finesse are a hallmark of PM Stephen Harper on the world stage. He is a quiet, impressive prescence -persuasive and determined. And where was Ignatieff - holidaying in Europe (token meeting with the Deputy PM, Nick Clegg of Britain), and Jack - well we know for sure that Olivia was busy in her army boots marching with the anarchist crowd in Toronto. Pitiful leadership on the Liberal and NDP side. Cheers.

  2. Certainly the proof will be in November in South Korea, I'm hoping that economic cooperation will help avoid a recession all over again. (real conservative)

  3. I'm hoping that economic cooperation will help avoid a recession all over again.

    Me too! :)

  4. OK folks, time for a little comedy here! I have an official Nexus no-prize for whomever can tell me which lunatic wrote this:

    "Today’s conservatives are sadistic and evul, or just plain brain washed that they won’t know what hit them until it’s too late and that will be when Steve spits them out when he gets his majority and implements his draconian cuts on the backs of the working class and the rest of society’s vulnerable."

    I know, I know -- comedy gold. Anyone care to take a crack at it?

  5. Patrick Ross I'm not sure who said that. Care to fill us in? lol

  6. OK, I think another hint is in order. This exerpt is from the same person:

    "An election will face us in the Fall and I still maintain that it will be the last election we’ll ever see if Steve gets his majority. And yes, there are folks in Toronto still willing more than ever now, to give Stevie his majority as they seemed to have embraced that police state. Helps when Redneck Ryan does Master Steve’s bidding for him. After observing what happened in TO, I’m convinced more than ever that Steve will seek to remove elections or at the very least, make sure that they’re nothing more than symbolic smoke screens."

    As an extra hint, I'll point out that this individual has been delivering crazy to the internet since 2009.


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