Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Liberals Can't Win For Losing

Don Martin  writes about all the Liberal woes and how they're adding up.
The lengthy list of missed opportunities, policy reversals, leadership snafus and crazy NDP coalition talk that plagues the Liberals is about to grow a bit longer, even as internal party morale plunges, polling support flatlines and their reason to exist gets watered down into policy mud.
Then the Globe criticizes Mr. Ziffy and the Liberals for not supporting the Conservative government's Refugee Reform Bill. 
Liberal refugee policy: if it's broke, don't fix it 
 The Liberal Party is failing the test of leadership by opposing the Conservative government’s proposed fix for the country’s horribly broken refugee-determination system.
 Then you have this that will surely tick off the Sikh community

Michael Ignatieff Says Systemic And Organized Killings of Sikhs, Rape of Women In 1984 In New Delhi Is Not A Genocide!

Shame On You Michael Ignatieff

It seems at every turn these days they do something to flub things up for  and nothin' is workin' out for them.   The implosion of the Liberal Party is happening in front of our very eyes and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. 

On a side note: In referring back to Don Martin's column, is buried this:
Kevin Page may well quibble at the premium for deploying RCMP officers when Canadian soldiers could’ve been used without overtime costs, but he tells me his initial scan hasn’t spotted anything severely out of whack with hosting costs in other cities.


  1. Very informative post, thanks.

  2. Blue Liberals are being told 'there will be a coalition with Dippers, like it or lump it' by Iffy, Kinsella, Chretien etc.

    Time to break away, become part of a Conservative-Blue Liberal coalition!!

  3. Time to break away, become part of a Conservative-Blue Liberal coalition!!

    Yes indeed wilson. Blue Liberals,come on down and join us. Do be part of new a coalition.

  4. Blue Liberal...Red Tory. Oyyy!

  5. The Globe is reporting that the majority of Canadians want more co-operation between the Liberals and the NDP. What Joan Bryden doesn't mention is that a big chunk of the people who want more co-operation are actually Conservatives who think it will benefit the Conservative party.

    Her story suggests that Canadians actually want a government led by a left wing coalition, which is a false representation of the data. Also be weary of an opinion article reporting a specific poll result which doesn't state the actual poll question. The wording of the question can drastically effect the outcome.

  6. The_Iceman@6:23pm
    Thanks for that. You're right one must be very careful when it comes to polls and how they are interpreted. They can be very deceiving and manipulative.


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