Friday, June 4, 2010

Rae or Iffy, Who is the Leader of the Liberal Party?

One wonders these days. The Liberal party is adrift and who knows who's really leading the party. Tim Powers is musing about this as are many lately. You have the Rae camp and the Iffy camp. I don't think anyone in that party knows what in the heck is going on. Confusion and chaos is what the Liberals are all about right now. They are united on one issue though, that is power. It's how to get there that's the problem for them. The fact is they don't have any leadership in that party right now.

They need to decide who and/or what they want. An election could happen at any time and will very well get trounced again. Who is going to vote for a party that wants to govern the country that can't even govern itself? Beautiful!

Btw, they still haven't paid off their leadership debts from 2006. Don't think they can be trusted with the country's finances if they can't pay off their own debts either.


  1. Slighly off topic, what is Elections Canada doing about this situation? Do those Liberal leadership candidates become ineligible to run in a federal election, pay fines, get a "go to jail" card or what? Cheers. FernStAlbert

  2. FernStAlbert, it sure seems like it's a "get out of jail free card." If this were Conservative leadership candidates, there would have been hell to pay a long time ago.
    It would have been a huge on going story in the MSM. Double standard. Disgusting!

  3. The Liberals are just trying to decide whether to campaign on a coalition, or deny it until after the vote. I am also willing to bet that there is a segment of the LPC that wants to collapse the government before a new Governor General is named, a GG who may not be receptive to a coalition of losers.

  4. O/T, frmgrl, do me a favour please, pass this NP FINANCIAL onto Hunter since she is on the topic on Alberta oil etc. You might like what you read frmgrl.And Thank you

    Alberta's ability to withstand economic shocks helps it keep Moody's top rating

    Canwest News Service· Tuesday, Jun. 1, 2010

    Moody's yesterday cited Alberta's minimal debt burden and ability to withstand economic shocks as "another foundation" in the province's AAA credit rating. It cited as well the province's strong net asset position -- with $37-billion in cash and portfolio investments, Moody's Investors Service said in its report. As of March 31, Alberta had $1.1-billion in net direct and indirect debt, the equivalent of 3.2% of revenue or 0.5% of gross domestic product. "The province's minimal debt burden is considered low in both the Canadian and international contexts and reflects the use of past significant consolidated surpluses to reduce, or virtually eliminate, provincial debt over the past decade," said assistant vice-president Jennifer Wong, lead analyst for Alberta and co-author of the report. With the rebound in the Canadian and global economies, Moody's expects Alberta's economic growth to be 2.6% in 2010 and 2.9%in 2011.

  5. O/T, frmgrl, do me a favour please, pass this NP FINANCIAL onto Hunter since she is on the topic on Alberta oil etc.

    No prob,Jen. Consider it done.
    Btw. That's great news regarding our economy here in Alberta. Maybe our unemployment rate will go down in the near future.

  6. Thank you frmgrl.

    I personally don't think that the OPPOSITION PARTIES are capable of running the country ; what they are capable of doing is ruining and turning our country into Greece, because they have too many friends in the UNIONS to pay and 'bail out' And since Duceppe a fr. unionist, who also signed into the Coalition agreement, guess what he might want to do to gain 'MORE' popularity in Quebec? How about BAILING OUT Quebec out of their $22?BILLION DEBT-you know, GREECE 2. This will give Duceppe fame in Quebec.
    Now, question is, I notice that the media are so hot and bothered wondering 'who' the next prime minister to be instead of doing their job right now for this prime minister. Can you imagine bailing out Quebec? I can, with those three anything is possible. without you ever knowing. Shhh! the media will keep it quiet like they have done before.

  7. All the way from Israel; how does this grab you in pride. WOW! Read this letter.

    Thanks Canada, for standing with Israel

    National Post · Friday, Jun. 4, 2010

    Re: Harper Seen As Champion Of Israel, Jonathan Kay, May 31.

    It would be poor form for those of us living in Israel not to take a moment of our time to express gratitude for the noble and correct positions taken by our many friends in Canada.

    Read more:


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