Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Story the MSM is Not Reporting

Amid "Fake Lake Gate," Guergis/Jaffer, WK vs Alf Apps Liberal NDP merger talks is this little tid bit I just ran across in my search for a topic to post about.
Allegation CBC's Richard Stursberg aware of 'Mediascam'
Seems like there are allegations of of VP Exec,Richard Stursberg has known of systemic corruption at the CRTC.

Allegation CBC's Richard Stursberg aware of 'Mediascam'

TORONTO, June 10 /CNW/ - A former Canadian broadcasting insider has claimed that CBC executive vice-president Richard Stursberg is aware of a long-term case of systemic corruption at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).
The allegation by Keith Mahar, formerly employed in a managerial position by CHUM limited, is posted on his blog
Several documents related to this same CRTC matter were provided to Prime Minister Stephen Harper by FedEx on 3 June 2010, including correspondence from Mahar's legal counsel, Paul Armarego.
More here.

Prime Minister Harper notified of billion-dollar CRTC scandal

TORONTO, June 3 /CNW/ - Less than 72 hours after the release of Justice Jeffrey Oliphant's report revealing "inappropriate" business dealings by former prime minister Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been notified of an alleged long-term case of government corruption at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, one which reportedly started during Mulroney's final month in office by commissioners that he had appointed to the CRTC.
The allegations have been made by Keith Mahar, a precedent-setting public interest litigant (Mahar v Rogers Cablesytems Ltd.) who was formerly employed by CHUM Limited for his specialist knowledge of the cable television industry and its regulation by the CRTC
Mahar's lawyer, Paul Armarego, notified Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the affair earlier today and provided him with copies of a number of related documents by FedEx courier. It is alleged that the case of corruption has cost Canadians a total of more than $1.2 billion through an illicit accounting scheme for cable television rates.
A copy of Armarego's submission to Prime Minister Harper has been provided to John A. Honderich, Chair of the Board for Torstar Corporation, owner of the Toronto Star.
Prime Minister Harper has been informed that Mahar plans to address this case on his blog:
Why is the MSM not reporting this story? Nevermind "Steve's billiondollar boondoggle", this could be a real billion dollar scandal! Should this not be what our parliamentary committee should be investigating instead of Guergis/Jaffer or Afghan Detainees?


  1. ''Five are copies of documents that were shredded by an unidentified CRTC official on 27 March 2006 when all of the documents stored in the Commission’s file 1000-121 were destroyed.''

    WOW! No wonder there is sheer DESPERATION to get the Conservatives out of government...

  2. frmgrl, I fail to understand this article and its meaning.

  3. Jen, I hope this might clear things up for you a bit from
    As of this morning, these three individuals are all in possession of the same documents related to a long-term case of government corruption at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission; an unprecedented example of systemic corruption which has denied citizens their rights and unjustly enriched Canadian media tycoons (Mediascam).

    I'm sure more details will come eventually come out.

  4. There are many reasons that the MSM in Canada hates conservatives two of which I will now explain. One, much media is owned by Bell, Rogers et al and they fear deregulation in their industries, thus destroy us before we get real power via their media assets. Two, the close ties that media has had with the liberal party in past, which has been very profitable for Canadian media. Lastly, the perceived threat of the USA which leftists like to drum up when they need a new boogey man. It is the great fear of all institutions in Canada, having to compete with Americans. Mind you that will be ignored as long as Obama is in the White House. (real conservative)


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