Friday, July 2, 2010

Canadians Have Reason To Brag and Celebrate!

As Canadians we should count our blessings each day for the great country we have. People around the world want to be Canadians.
Is  it perfect?   Heck no,we have our problems but if you look around, it sure is a lot better than other places in the world.  We live in a peaceful, prosperous, friendly nation.  We are being noticed by the world again, thanks to the best Prime Minister in my lifetime, PM Stephen Harper and his government who has been taking the lead on so many fronts.

Our athletes shine on the worlds stage, look at the resounding success that the Vancouver Olympics turned out to be hosting the world and  where we won an unprecedented number of gold medals for a host nation. We really did own the podium! 

Our men and women in uniform are some of the best in the world and are doing a spectacular job with their mission in Afghanistan. My utmost thanks goes to them.

Michael Den Tandt expresses that we should celebrate our country.  We have come a long way baby!
As is stated the column our economy is doing much better than others thanks to our present Conservative government.
We now have an economy that, thanks to some sensible management by the Conservatives (though with an opposition gun to their heads), is once again beginning to motor. Our national deficit is higher than it should be but, relative to other G8 countries, still relatively benign. Our banking system is the envy of the world.
Theo Caldwell states that we are the envy of others.
But within this maelstrom, Canada stands tall, distinguishing itself in military and moral conflict, maintaining an economy and financial markets that are the envy of all.
He then goes on talk about how we now have garnered the respect of other nations because of  our economy and how they want to replicate it.
Canada’s hosting of the recent G8 and G20 conferences, which came just as other parts of the world began to observe this country’s economic strength, may do something to scratch this itch.
Over so many years, in any photo of international heads of government, Canada’s prime ministers would wear hopeful smiles that invariably went unrecognized. They seemed like good-natured hangers-on, in the company of well-known statesmen from seemingly more important parts of the world.
Owing to reasons perfectly in keeping with the national character — caution and circumspection — Canada’s economy has finally brought the country the respect it craved.
So to all the naysayers and whiners, look around where would you rather live right now?  A country where they have  dire economic troubles like Greece for instance or another country where they have political turmoil?   God has truly blessed us, we have it good!  Never forget that.


  1. We 'are' blessed with good fortunes but the socialist communist coalition run parties and their useless media don't seem to like it at all.

  2. It has been 4+ years now and the world has seen and accepted that Canada is doing something right to be in such an enviable situation vis a vis our economy,our armed forces,our athletes,our sought after place as a destination of refuge by war torn refugees .Canada has become the envy of most of the world,what is the problem with our MSM and opposition parties.Why do they want to live somewhere else,why do they not like what the Conservatives have done for this country???Simple answer is they do not care for Canada,they only want the power to control Canadians and their wealth.They want to live in the glory days of corruption and brown envelopes.They want to go back to Adscam and HRDC boondoggle and the gun registry.In the case of the Press,I think PM Harper finally put them in their rightful place and showed Canadians how tainted their reporting is and how the news is twisted to say what the press wants you to hear and not what was actually said.They are in a snit now and have been for 4 years and in MHO if we were at war,90% of the press would be arrested and jailed for their twisted,lying reporting.We must have newspapers and radio and Television reporters who speak the truth and print the truth and print it only as it was spoken and not their interpretation of what was said.Having said that,Canada has everything anyone would want in a country and we are blessed to have been born here or immigrated here.GOD BLESS CANADA

  3. Great post,bertie! I agree with you whole heartedly concerning the media and the way they cover the stories. I'm hoping the new SunTVNews channel will be a counter to our current bunch. Can't wait until they go on air!

  4. A win-win for Canada&India

    .National Post · Friday, Jul. 2, 2010

    Busy wringing their hands over some broken windows and bruised elbows in downtown Toronto, Canadians largely failed to notice that Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the opportunity of the G20 summit to sign a nuclear agreement with India that could have far-reaching consequences.

    Mr. Harper confirmed the deal with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday, and it has received little attention since -- the cacophony of complaints about police tactics in dealing with violent street protests have drowned out just about everything else. But the agreement will continue to have a major impact long after that tempest has been forgotten.

    The deal opens up the Indian civil market to Canadian nuclear exports, giving Canadian firms access to India's rapidly expanding nuclear market. It includes co-operation in the

    Harper's quiet bit of business will bring more jobs at home and increased trade fields of nuclear waste management and radiation safety. In addition, the two men agreed on "expanding a range of activities and institutional frameworks" that aim to boost trade to $15-billion a year in the next five years, a four-fold increase.

  5. Continue..

    India is a rapidly developing country with more than a billion people and mammoth buying power. According to the Canada-India Business Council, the country will be forced to spend approximately $20-billion a year on infrastructure over the next decade to support its burgeoning middle-class population. There are vast areas of opportunity for Canadian firms, but at present, Canada isn't even in the top five sources of Indian imports.

    Electricity generation is a key area. Nuclear power makes up just 3% of current generation in India, but could prove a vital growth sector as the country seeks to reduce its dependence on coal -- which accounts for more than 50% of energy generation -- and meet international demands to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. India now has 19 nuclear reactors at six locations, operated by the state-run Nuclear Power Corp. It plans to quadruple capacity to 21 gigawatts by 2020, raising nuclear's share of the electricity market to more than 10%.

    As India's Hindustan Times noted, the agreement means relations with Canada have "turned a full circle -- from one of suspicion and unease to a strategic partnership." Canada led the nuclear isolation of India in 1974 when it ended nuclear co-operation after India built its first atomic bomb using plutonium from a Canadian reactor. But the ban had become increasingly meaningless, especially after New Delhi reached nuclear co-operation agreements with the United States, Russia, Britain and France. "We cannot live as a country in the 1970s," Mr. Harper noted in signing the deal. "It reflects the change in international realities," added Mr. Singh.

    It does indeed. While Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has criticized Ottawa for slowness in recognizing the potential of growing economies in India and China, Mr. Harper has in fact made considerable effort toward expanding Canada's position in both countries. He paved the way for last weekend's agreement during a visit to India last year. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty followed him this month when he visited New Delhi to recruit India's support for Canada's opposition to an international bank tax. Other areas where the two governments are seeking greater co-operation are earth sciences, mining, transportation, natural resources, infrastructure, agrifood and higher education.

    A photo-op with the Prime Minister of India is not nearly as glamorous as street brawls and police charges, and a signing ceremony in the bowels of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre can't compete with smashed windows and riot police for drama. But in the long run, Canadians should benefit greatly from Mr. Harper's quiet bit of business, through more jobs and increased trade. You can't say that for anything that took place on the streets of Toronto last weekend.

  6. frmgrl, Bertie, you want to know why the media is not broadcasting what CANADA has done and achieved under the prime minister stephen harper? Is because they want the Coalition party to be the ones to get the recognition-that is why the least the canadian people are aware of their proud nation the easier it is for the liberals to claim all of the prime minister accomplishments as theirs(L/N/B)COALITIONS.

    The national media know exactly who and where to manipulate, lie and abuse.
    The national media are nasty; they don't have any pride nor respect anywhere in the smallest bone in their body for our great nation nor for her military nor for the canadian public.

  7. Thanks Jen for that info. That's huge for ours and India's economy. PM Harper is sure getting the job done. Meanwhile,CTV,CBC,The Red Star etc. is focused on thugs,and fake lakes not reporting this good news story to Canadians. Shame on them! The opposition? Well that's another story.


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