Wednesday, July 21, 2010

End the Indian Act Says the Head of the Assembly of First Nations

Shawn Atleo, the head of the Assembly of First Nations, states  that the Indian Act should be scrapped within five years.

WINNIPEG—Aboriginals should get out “from under” the Indian Act within five years and build a new, more-independent relationship with the federal government, the head of the Assembly of First Nations said Tuesday.
“Is it time to boldly suggest that within two to five years, the Indian Act will no longer be part of our lives?” Shawn Atleo asked the AFN’s annual assembly.
I agree.  We pour billions of dollars each year into First Nations and it seems like things just don't get  any better for them.  There is no accountability as to where the money is being spent.  They live in third world conditions.  There's a lot of alcoholism, drug abuse, a high incarceration rate, low level of education, and the suicide rate is high among the aboriginal population.  There is no initiative to get ahead.
“Imagine a time ... when we give up all that the current system provides — the highest suicide rates, the highest rates of incarceration in the country, the lowest education rates, the lowest income rates.”
The Department of Indian Affairs just perpetuates the problem. There should be no difference between the rest of Canadians and our First Nations.  Everyone should be treated equally.  Equality is in our Charter isn't it?
“We will once and for all work to dismantle the unnecessary machinery of the Department of Indian Affairs, which only perpetuates our poverty.
The dismantlement of the Act allowing aboriginals independence and equal treatment would be better for them.  They would gain the initiative to better themselves thus some of those problems they face would not be as great. They would have greater self-esteem, be healthier, more productive and prosperous.
Plus it would save the federal taxpayer billions each year.   
Tom Flanagan earlier this year suggested something like that in  giving first nations property rights.
Restoring aboriginal property rights will enhance economic activity on reserves and create more jobs and business opportunities for first nations people
Minister  Strahl,  please listen to the Assembly of First Nations and Mr. Flanagan.  This is the way to go.  The current system is not working. Don't hold back our aboriginal people anymore.  They deserve to be independent, equal, healthy and prosperous like the rest of us.


  1. Sounds good to me. (real conservative)

  2. It might be a good move. No one is happy with the way things are now. However, that part about wanting a seat in parliament and their own party I'm not so sure about.

  3. However, that part about wanting a seat in parliament and their own party I'm not so sure about.

    They are already represented in Parliament. There a few MPs I believe and I believe there are at least two Senators as well

  4. If we were to give every native in Canada 1 million dollars cash and tell them that is it the gravy train stops here we would be money ahead. There will be extreme howls of protest from all the fringe people that are getting rich with the present system but I do not think a single native with any amount of initiative would turn down the offer and I believe there are many more of them than the freeloaders that want to keep the status quo.

    As for the reservations give the land to the tribes and let them divide it up or use as they see fit. We all know the historical boundaries of the reservations. No more of this "it is all mine" crap that has gone on in resent years whenever a gold mine or oil field or something is discovered close to their reservation. If it is on their property it is theirs if its not that is their loss. Let them make their deals to develop what is theirs.

    This is only for full blooded natives. Metis need not apply. Unfortunately you are a mixed blood people just like the rest of Canada. The fact that part of your mix is native blood does not make you any more privileged than my Irish, English and French blood. My family has been here since the early 1700s so I would say I am at a par with you on longevity in Canada and that does not make you a native.

    Anyway I think that would be a great way to get out from under the veil of blame for the current status of our native population. Put them out on their own and let them take the blame themselves for their advance or downfall if there is one.

  5. A segue to this story is one I caught a bit of this am.
    Seems Shawn has got Uber reno star Mike Holmes to start work on a program to help renovate selected native communities.
    Did you hear about this?

  6. Did you hear about this?

    Yeah,I did gimbol. Last night on the Global National newscast.


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