Friday, July 30, 2010

Good News for Canada, Bad News for Iffy Liberals

Well is seems that our federal government will be able balance the books a year earlier than what was planned according the Conference Board of Canada.
OTTAWA — So long as the federal government keeps its pledge on curbing program  spending, Ottawa should return to a surplus position one year ahead of schedule based on how the economy is unfolding, the Conference Board of Canada said Thursday.
Mr. Iffy's Liberals and the Liberal cheerleader media won't be happy about this good news.   They have been talking down Canada from the beginning of the recession.  Iffy said from the get go he wanted nothing to do with it and that the PM would have to wear it. They offered no help.  The opposition and the media were bellyaching complaining the government was spending not enough then too much.  Then the howls of protest because the deficit was too high at the same time the coalition of the losers would have implemented national daycare, pharmacare, etc. which would would have put us in such a economic state we'd be going down the road of Greece.  It would have been spend, spend, spend and no way to get out. They can't have it both ways.

I believe the Libs and their media thought for sure this would bring the big bad Harper government down and it would be easy street for them to take back the keys to 24 Sussex.    It is not quite turning out like that to their dismay.  That's why all the outrage about things that really don't matter to the average Canadian like fake lakes, census etc.

I can't find any comments from Iffy or any of his cabal on this good news.  No comments either from any other of the opposition for that matter. Where's  Budget Officer, Kevin Page, what has he got to say about this?  It's news that should be shouted from the roof tops. 

It's obvious Canada is in good hands and another good reason why we need a Conservative majority to continue with the plan.   If you have any doubts, just look at other countries.  We have it good in comparison.


  1. ''Where's Budget Officer, Kevin Page, what has he got to say about this?''

    Page appears to work for the opps, and if they don't request an 'investigation', none is done.

    Why would the Opps and the media demand to know why the government's Action Plan is working!! lol

    No, they will try to find a 'wafer' to chase.

  2. Yes. This is the bread and butter issue of the next election (whenever it is called).

    While the opposition wants to screw around with corporate taxes and promise new spending in areas that have already been proven too expensive,the Conservatives can remind Canadians that we (as Canadians) have weathered the worldwide recession better than any other democracy on Earth.

  3. Let's face the facts. Paul Martin stopped the predatory mortage scam from happening in Canada, not Harper. Second, the Liberals and NDP demanded Harper put in a Keynesian stimulus package to weather the storm.

    But the fact remains that Harper has created a $20B structual defict according to Kevin Page of the PBO, above and beyond the 2-year stimulus package.

    This is with $14B in corporate tax cuts, $10B in a GST cut, $10B over 5 years in building new prisons, and $60B in short-term military spending.

    Harper is a borrow and spend neo-con and wants to create a crisis to justify gutting social spending.

    Before Harper is through with Canada, we will be in a depression...

  4. Before Harper is through with Canada, we will be in a depression...

    Don't you wish,Ape! Go ahead and live in your dreamland.

  5. One more thing, Naked Ape, I noticed you on another blog trolling. From now on, I will ignore your posts.
    There will be no feeding the trolls on this blog.

  6. It don't matter cause I'm still pissed that the feds haven't sent me a long form to fill out yet! ;-) (real conservative)

  7. Tells us frmgrl about the PM not wanting to bail out GM but was forced too or else the coalition parties would take us to the polls.

  8. Tells us frmgrl about the PM not wanting to bail out GM but was forced too or else the coalition parties would take us to the polls.

    That's exactly right, Jen. PM Harper was more or less forced to do the bail out and the stimulus by the coalition. If the coalition of the losers would have had it's way and was successful with their troika,it would have been devastating for the country. As I have said in my main post, we would be like Greece by now. Plus I believe it would have very divisive with the west wanting out and believe me unlike Quebec who just threaten, we would mean business.

  9. Come one frmgrl let's be serious. Northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark have much better social programs than we do and their debt/GDP ratio is much lower than ours.

    The Greeks didn't go bust because of social spending or stimulus spending, they got into trouble related to the financial market fraud that came crashing down in 2008.

    If developed countries didn't spend big on stimulus and bail outs then we would've repeated the mistakes of the 1930s. Thank God that the free-market ideologues who got us into this mess weren't the ones responsible for getting us out of it!

    Of course we aren't out of the woods yet according to Nobel laureate Paul Krugman.

    Let's hope the conservatives who aggrevated the poblems back then don't have the chance to do so again.

    Naked Ape: Gonzo political commentary

  10. Ok,just this one time Naked Ape. Have you ever heard of the 1920 depression? Yes there was a depression in 1920. Google it. You'll find out what happened and it wasn't Keynesian policy either that ended it quickly either.

  11. So basically Canada and the economy is in great shape, right?

    Good so any talk of cuts to social programmes are unnecessary. Good.

    Since the economy is going so well, we should expand our safety nets to include pharmacare and universal daycare.

    We can expect the government to present those before the next election. Thanks for the good news.

    If they insist that programme cuts are necessary then we'll know that they were either lying about the economy or are incompetent to manage it; or both.

  12. Since the economy is going so well, we should expand our safety nets to include pharmacare and universal daycare.

    It would not be a good idea. For one the money is going to have to come from somewhere namely the taxpayer. Taxpayers are tapped out enough. Don't forget there are three levels of government who take our money and there is only one taxpayer.
    Number two,if we did that we would go back into deficit and it would be structural because both programs would be permanent programs and literally cost billions every year. In fact the costs would probably climb as each year passes especially pharmacare. Don't forget the population is aging and that means more and more would be using it and the price of drugs keep going up too. Drugs are not cheap no matter which way you cut it.

  13. One more thing. Why should I have to pay for someone else to send their child to daycare and why should I have to pay for someone else's drugs?

  14. a bird in the hand is worth ten on the tree, I'll settle for what we have now, a very ignorant government with super deficits, what happens in a years time or ten years time is not ours to determine, what we have now is the worst government and worst conservative party in history, lets keep it that way so they get booted soon I hope!!!

  15. oh if it has to have your approval then this is not a free forum / blog, then whether you do approve or not , you can go to gehhenem , you and your CPCrapheads

  16. I think that it is very premature to swan about coming out of the recession in better shape than other countries. The threat of double dip recession or global depression is not over. Those who will become homeless as a result of the last recession is just beginning to show up and the kinds of good full time jobs which have been replaced by Mcjobs means that we have weakened the middle class and decreased demand to support the economy. This government has increased the number of have nots. That does not bode well for a healthy, vibrant economy or community. Furthermore Canada does not exist in a bubble, it is part of the world economy and now is not the time for auterity. Complete financial incompetence.


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