Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iffy's Common Touch

So the leader of the Liberal party is on his bus tour across the county.  He wants to connect and "build a level of trust" among Canadians.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is embarking on a two-month tour to connect and "build a level of trust" with Canadians across the country.
Uh huh, good luck with that one because maybe you need to beware of Iffy's common touch.
As Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff embarks on his cross-Canada tour, vowing to shake every hand in the country, we offer this stock tip.
Buy Johnson & Johnson.
It's the maker of Purell.
In a last-ditch effort to reinvent himself yet again -- having failed at portraying himself as Philosopher King Redux, or as an aristocratic Tsarist whose lineage demands a return to rule, or through his supposedly incomparable intellectual prowess, Ignatieff now wants Canadians to believe he has the common touch.
So, in his words, he's going to shake every hand in every Tim Hortons in the country, and kiss every baby he can find.
Break out the hand sanitizer and hide your children.
Snake oil would be an easier sell for the Liberal Party than Ignatieff trying on yet another political disguise, especially one where he attempts to shift his image to one that mirrors the hoi polloi.
He's an elitist, pure and simple.
Wow, ouch!   Don't think he's going to connect with regular folk anytime soon. Yeah I know, the toughest job in politics is leader of the official opposition but  he is so out of place and out of touch.  He just looks so uncomfortable to me.  The more he's out and about, the more he goofs up with his gaffes and the more the public is turned off.  If he doesn't turn this thing around toot sweet, he's toast after the next election.


  1. Iffy is following Frank Graves advice:
    ''...If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin...''

    Just like all the Liberal leaders before him, insulting the Conservative leader and Albertans to appease Lib partisans and Quebecers....
    that's what Liberals do.
    How's that workin' for yah Iffy?

  2. The magical mystery bus tour is off to a rocky start. Comparing the PM to the devil is not smart politics and it was incendiary enough to have all lame street media reporting on it.


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