Friday, July 16, 2010

Is the Media Turning On Iffy?

For the last week now the Liberal leader has been on a bus tour that he and his party hopes improves their numbers and possibly take them back to 24 Sussex.  Well how's it been workin' so far? The media hasn't been actually that kind to him this week for one thing.  Their reporting has been relatively critical. They have been reporting mostly the negatives. I must add he hasn't actually helped himself out here. It started even before Iffy boarded the Liberal Express. Last weekend at the Calgary Stampede, he channeled Hugo Chavez when he made a comment about "smelling sulfur" when referring to the PM.
Tuesday shortly after the bus was on the road, it broke down and "Harper Diesel" came to the rescue.That's what the story was for the day.

Yesterday he was on the defensive when Jim Travers from the Star reported that there was and exit strategy for Iffy should he lose the next election.  Iffy denied the report and dissed Travers at the same time. 
“Let’s put it this way. I was surprised,” he said. “Jim Travers is a good journalist, but he’s starting to write fiction here in his declining years. I really don’t know where he got it from.”
Oooh, that most likely didn't endear him to Travers and the Star.  When you're a politician you don't diss a journalist they can turn on you and become vicious.
Michael Den Tandt describes Iffy as vague and timid.  Calls his vision  nostalgic and could come back to hurt him.
Susan Riley is equally critical about Iffy. She is known to be more critical of Conservatives not Liberals.
The problem is not that Canadians don't know the Liberal leader, all these months later. The problem is that they know him too well.
and this zinger,
Trouble is, Canadians don't see a regular guy when they see Ignatieff, no matter what he wears. They see a man trying to be someone he isn't.
Michael Harris sums it up quite nicely.
When the guys who buy ink by the barrel turn against you, the bus ride is usually one way.
Ain't that the truth! There's still a lot of touring for Iffy left to do.  Will he be able to turn it around?  Who knows.  It's still early in his tour but he surely has an uphill battle to win hearts and minds of the public especially if he doesn't have the media on his side.  Without the liberal media on their side, Liberals have a really hard time.


  1. I sincerely doubt that Traverse just made it up. But after being accused of making it up "writing fiction", would Jimmy reveal his source? Or does Bob Rae not want people to know that his coup has started?

  2. I agree with you Iceman. I think there's more truth to this than not and yeah, I think Bob Rae was probably the source. We all know he wants the leaders job real bad.

  3. The Libluvin media spilt barrels of ink attacking PMSH (still do).
    But for Liberals, the media made them, and can break them.

  4. Both are aging rapidly and the vaunted front bench is in tatters. The fundraising has NEVER recovered from the Bay Street to mainstreet.

    The Young Dauphin can't win with the K-12 vote. The 45-65+ homeowners understand what political party is sticking it to us with taxes and fees.

    Another election loss, a CPC majority to legislate the end political party welfare and the deadbeat parties are toast. The writing is on the wall.

    The Government needs to retire a few more Civil Servants in charge of the Crown Corporations to improve productivity and accountability.

  5. So much for the "reset button" on Ignatieff's betamax (I think that system became obsolete in his "salad" days). We are starting to see a test pattern - the MSM is not happy with Ignatieff's performance - therefore its time for a change. When will the Liberals clue into the demands of lefty media consensus - hopefully never. Everytime they change leaders, it takes a little more out of the party. Attrition is a good thing. Cheers.

  6. The Bobby Rae people are doing the exact same thing as the Iggman people did to Dion, this Liberal party eat themselves. Their only interest is power- to quote Liberal thinker Richard Fowler- "The Liberals are soul-less and will say anything for power"

  7. Isn't Ignatieff a liberal, able to say, do as he pleases; when he pleases without any back talk or insults from the media?

    When was the last time any of the liberals gave the media a proper answer. Never. In fact, the LPOC have lied through their teeth knowing that these very media who are complaining now, will never make the mistake of rebuking the LPOC.

    Ignatieff is fully aware of who BOB RAE is and probably heard the things BOB RAE did to ONTARIO when Rae was the NDP premiere.
    So to Ignatieff, any kind of comment coming from the media about him and not a peep about Rae from media, tells Ignatieff, that the media are nothing but decliners, zip, nada.
    You can smell the fishy scent overpowering the national media.


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