Friday, July 23, 2010

Liberals and NDP Are in Favor of Affirmitive Action

The government has ordered an affirmative action overhaul.

This is why.  When fellow BT blogger Sara Landriault who had applied for a job at Citizenship and Immigration  had her application blocked because she is white. Why, if Sarah is qualified for the job that she is discriminated from even applying? Doesn't make sense. The government has listened and is taking action rectify that problem . 

The Liberals and NDP are not happy though. They are belly aching. They seem to think that discriminating against someone applying for a government job based on race is quite fine.   Are the Liberals and NDP in favor of  racial discrimination?  I thought both those parties believed in equality. Go figure! 

Equality is equality. Whatever happened to being chosen for a position based on merit? Liberals and NDP mustn't think merit is important.  It shouldn't matter what race you are.  If you have the qualifications for a certain position,  no matter if you're black, white, red, yellow or pink with purple polka dots, you should be able to at least apply.

Good for Sarah for speaking out and good for the government for acting so quickly.

Remember this from a famous American civil rights leader:
 I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sidenote: I wish Sarah the best on her job hunt and hope she lands one soon.  Go Sarah!


  1. Kory T is on Dave Rutherford right now.

  2. Well, As a member of Blogging Tories, as well as a conservative. I can say that I think this is an issue that will stick, and will slide either way.

    You know, I'm a white anglo-saxon male, not protestant, so I'm not a WASP.....however I work in a very ethnically diverse environment, and a lot of those who I work with don't even understand about employment equity.

    I'm helping a colleague with a job search, and he's applied for many positions, and now as a recent citizen he's applying for government positions. It was quite funny when he asked about the government job page regarding employment equity, what it means. I checked his answers and blinked a bit, knowing how the system worked. He didn't see himself as any minority, at all. I told him to fill it out, as it will obviously help him, of course his qualifications (1 degree, several diplomas and years of work experience) will make him qualified. Anyways, it was quite an experience explaining to him about how it all works. Needless to say, he didn't understand it.

    So obviously, the system is broken on a practical level. If the people we are trying to recruit are not understanding of 'employment equity', how can we be ethnically diverse? Correct?

    With that being said. I post a link here to another problem. . So, looking at that, how can we be more inclusive if the numbers are there?

    Unless people want the government to manage diverse ethnic, socio-cultural and religious groups in all facets? Unless the Liberals and NDP want to step in and start dictating our lives based upon the ideals of inclusiveness in all facets.

    The key principles with equality are equal access to all. As it stands right now, by law, and by right we have that. It is not the government's role to pick what groups need representation. If people of minorities or genders, or religions do not wish to be apart of a certain career field, or the government, it is not the government's role to adjust the scales to achieve an artificial inflation.

    How many people self-identify first as their religion/ethnicity/disability/gender ? How many people say, my name is 'X' and I am a 'male/female', with 'y' disability as a member of 'z' ethnic group? Why should we really matter, so long as our individual rights are not infringed yeah?

    There needs to be a look I think at the way the government recruits in general. I'm sorry, but I do believe that it is some sort of voodoo that happens to get people into the government, either that or they wait until the last person standing.....

    I say good on the government. The public service needs to be transparent, it needs to be efficient, and it needs to be based on merit, as well to a lesser extent, political connections ;)

  3. Kory T is on Dave Rutherford right now.

    Yes, thanks,I've been listening. Interesting interview. Kory says they are cautiously optimistic about the CTRC approval and still plan to launch Jan 1,2011.
    If any of you missed it you can listen to it at audio vault Approx 10:35am

  4. This is so funny. I've seen the steady affects on WHITE MALES over 30 years due to affirmative action in this country. I always said that nothing would change until they started to shaft 'WHITE WOMEN,' apparently that day has come. (real conservative)

  5. The Iggomaniac claims that Prime Minister Harper is trying to pit Canadians against one another on the basis of race. It was the implementation of this affirmative action nonsense that was the start of Canadians being pitted against one another. If the bone-headed policy had never been carried to the extremes that it has there would be no need to revue it. It is the actions of the "progressive" elements within the government service that has created this situation. An even handed application of the regulation could have avoided the problem altogether, but since the Liberals and the NDP are so vehemently opposed to Caucasian males having any opportunities in Canada they will, of course, support these discriminatory policies.

  6. "We believe each Canadian has the right to participate in the public service."

    Ignatieff in Montreal
    July 23, 2010, EDT.
    The Canadian Press

  7. This will drive the left stark-raving, foaming at the mouth, absolutely mad. Two recent attacks on what were sacrosanct leftist shibboleths:

    1) The mandatory census, conveniently performing racial profiling for governments who prohibit just that sort of thing
    2) race-based and quota based hiring practices.

    If you can't identify aggrieved groups (census), and you can't create special opportunities for them (jobs), then how the h*ll can you keep re-inventing victims to placate with ever-expanding entitlements? Isn't that the purpose of government, after all - to destroy the tyranny of the majority?

    After all, the only thing standing between minorities and racists are government agencies. Why? Because they, um, say so - and they'll make - um, make that get - the numbers to prove it!

    I think Harper has got something afoot - this is finger-in-the-eye level of provocation.

  8. I am against affirmative action and believe that people should be hired based on skill. However I can't say that I'm comfortable claiming that as a white male I have been somehow hard done by because I'm a whitey. Rather I'd say I have had many advantages in my life because of it.

    I'm wondering why we would double down on affirmative action when taking heat over the census. One of my readers drew a comparison to the week before the coalition announcement in Dec 2008. Her theory is that the Chretien-Broadbent negotiations yielded some results and the Prime Minister knows about it. This AA on top of the census may very well be an attempt to spring the trap.

    Like party subsidies, make them an offer they can't refuse...

  9. I wonder... if I got a really nice dark bronze tan and dyed my hair black.... would I then pass for a "visible minority" from the middle east? (I'm germanic with dark hair and dark eyes.)

    Seriously though, Racism is Racism. "Affirmative Action" is just thinly veiled racism. Anyone who supports it but denies what it actually is will not get my vote... or my sympathy.

  10. Time to toss the Indian Act?


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