Friday, August 20, 2010

Iggy's Magical Bus Tour is a Flop!

A new poll from Leger states the Liberal Express summer tour hasn't exactly turned the public on.
OTTAWA — The Liberal Express summer bus tour has been a flop, according to a new Leger Marketing poll.
At least it's failed if the plan was to introduce Michael Ignatieff to Canadians.
Less than one-in-ten Canadians say they know more about the Liberal leader now than when the tour began, and most of them are already Liberal supporters.
Of the 8% who say they know more about Ignatieff now, 59% say their opinion of him has improved, while 18% say it's worsened.
A total of 30% of Canadians still say they know nothing at all about the Liberal leader, with women and young people (under the age of 35) most likely to know nothing about him (36% and 34% respectively).
Also if an election were held today the results would be:

So it looks like after the media and bureaucrat driven census hub bub and Iggy visiting fairs, festivals, etc. in the dog days of summer all across the country has not produced the results that the Liberals and their supporters would have liked. Iggy and the Libs are just not getting any traction. He's been preaching mainly to the converted even among some of those his image has worsened.  What his handlers have been doing has not been working.  Maybe they should try a new strategy.

This pretty well sums it up, the plan for the public to get to know him better.
"If I was a Liberal party handler and was trying to do whatever I could to increase his (Ignatieff's) likelihood of getting elected, they're just not going about it the right way, obviously," Scholz said. "The Conservatives have a nine-point lead on the Liberals, which is a slightly higher gap than what we saw at the start of the summer.
"I think the Liberal Party would like to forget the summer of 2010."
Zing! Why else have we not heard much about the tour?  Because it hasn't been going the way they wished. They thought by now Iggymania would be sweeping the nation.  Hasn't quite worked out like that. After all he was supposed to be the second coming of Trudeau, right?


  1. As Norman Spector said a long time ago: they should just let Iggy be Iggy.

    But it's too late now. Donolo knows best.

  2. Canadians will have to take a real hard look at Iffy's credentials next election.
    No one can discount his intelligence and his abilities in his 'prior' careers.
    But the man came to Canada 5 years ago, and thinks he should be PM.

    Iffy has NO Canadian political/government experience,
    and that's why he's not catching on.

    Harper was writing government policy 23 years before Ignatieff was lured back to Canada by the LPC.

    Harper was an elected MP 17 years before Ignatieff cashed in his air miles and came to Canada.

    Harper was elected (2) twice as party leader and (2) twice leader of the Official Opposition.
    Ignatieff was elected (0) zero times, he was appointed.

    Harper lead the CPC into government in 2006,
    became Prime Minister.
    Ignatieff was elected MP for the first time in 2006.

  3. Hey, I'm no fan of Mr Igntieff, but the figures you quote leave me wondering about undecided voters (of which I'm one). Should we really believe that we make up only two percent, a figure that would be shared with the those who have chosen to vote for other smaller parties?

  4. "Also if an election were held today"

    Um, no. If an election were held three weeks ago, before a bunch of other polls showing almost no gap were taken, and everyone voted online and an election was held on a long weekend when everyone is at the cottage... then they might have those results (though a poll from a firm not headed up by Harper's former communications director from the same weekend showed the two parties virtually tied).

    Go back to chasing apple pies and common sense. Chasing your own tale is just going to get you dizzy.

  5. Actually liberals did this to themselves. All the time Iggy was on the road, our so-called media was attacking Harper and lately Ford, like crazed savages. Effect, everyone forgot about Iggy?? Where was he? Does anybody even care? See how stupid the left really are? (real conservative)

  6. 2 weeks ago Ted,
    when PMSH was on holidays,
    and the media driven census-gate was in full swing.
    Just think what those numbers must look like now!

  7. I guess these ignorant trolls think they will sway votes, hah.

  8. Wow, real investigative journalists,
    good NP article on the our government tracking the Tamil boat and the asian countries would not co-operate or were constrained by law:

  9. My personal prediction is that if an election were held today there would only be a mild uptick in the fortunes of the Conservative Party.

    Quebec will continue vote a neutral party such as the BQ. Neutral in the sense that they will not participate in government. Which seems to me as a simple boycot. So I boycot them in my personal decisions.

    My personal hope is that main stream Canada will vote Conservative and be able to override regionalism in Atlantic, Central or the Western Provinces. The Conservatives cannot win this way without Ontario. The Atlantic Provinces have traditionally been as corrupt in voting as Quebec. Thus in the Atlantic provinces democracy takes a back seat. plitically incorect I am sure. My free speech rights allow mw to say it though. My opinion is based on hearsay only

  10. Brian Busby, I suspect you are as undecided a voter as ted betts.

  11. Wilson: "Just think what those numbers must look like now!"

    Good news Wilson! We don't have to wonder. There have been at least 3 other polls since that one was conducted three weeks ago.

    Kind of makes the Sun and those jumping up and down about this, ahem, cough, cough, "new" poll look rather foolish, but at least we know.

    You must be so relieved and happy.

  12. Interesting, so Asia didn't help in tracking the boat... hmm.. isn't Chretien alway over in China, cultivating ties.. for whom? How much sway do Liberals have in China these days? So far my friends and I still believe the Tamil ship was an inside job run by Liberals to try and embarrass the conservatives. (real conservative)

  13. "So far my friends and I still believe the Tamil ship was an inside job run by Liberals to try and embarrass the conservatives. (real conservative)

    My sentiment exact.

  14. We should show some pity for Teddy, his team has had a slump for four years in the cheap seats. Teddy is upset after four years the third replacement is not making any headway.

    Liberals need our pity, they just need to win an election before introducing any policies in parliament to help Canadians. They have a super duper top secret platform that will lead Canada out of the Dark Ages under this meanie! They just need a few million dollars, competent staff, grassroots, emergency roadside assistance coverage and bang instant Liberal PM.

    The Rodney Dangerfield Party of Canada starring Michael Ignatieff had a grueling summer tour.

    Plan B

    Maybe he can audition for So you think you can dance, or get some more free air time on the CBC to help.

    Plan C

    Perhaps another guest appearance on the Rick Mercer Report or any CBC show that has more than 500 viewers.

    What about a charity car wash to help raise funds?


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