Monday, September 13, 2010

Beer and Popcorn 2.0

Liberals thought they had us fooled. They thought they had hoodwinked us but now it's been exposed.  The mask is off! Liberals are just as elitist as ever. The  Liberal tour de farce this summer was, well a farce. On yesterday's QP on CTV, it was exposed.  Liberal spokesman, Ian Davey former chief of staff of the Liberal leader had a "beer and popcorn" moment.  In an idiotic statement he said that readers of Sun papers are illiterate.
Asked Sunday during CTV’s Question Period about Bob Rae’s potential support of federal bucks for a possible NHL arena in Quebec City, the lesser Davey sloughed off the question with this high-brow insult.
“It was once said about the Toronto Sun that it’s a newspaper for people who can’t read,” he said. “And I think that probably applies to the whole chain.”
How arrogant and elitist! That sure will help the Liberal cause.  The Leader Iggo Waffle once said that  politics is just acting.  So I guess the Liberal bus tour was all about. Iggo Waffle was play acting, the plaid shirts, drinking beer with the locals and all. Pretending to be a regular Joe Sixpack, one of us uneducated, illiterate, redneck, backwoods hick little people.  What a joke!
 It is nigh impossible to believe, however, that Ignatieff himself doesn’t think the same way, since it was Davey who travelled to Cambridge in 2004 to convince Professor Ignatieff — BA, MA, PhD, BFD — to come down from his lectern and return to Canada after a three-decade absence to pursue the ghost, and assume the high forehead, of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
They are minds that think alike.
We stated here at the outset that the Liberal leader’s summer road show, the so-called Liberal Express, was nothing but a circus act trying to sell the illusion that Ignatieff was no different than the average Canadian working stiff.
And Ian Davey, Liberal spokesman, and former chief-of-staff to Ignatieff, has now confirmed the ruse.
All this will accomplish  is to turn voters off and drive more of an audience to Sun Media.  Liberals have always been elitist, and always will be.  They think they are better than we, entitled to their entitlements and believe they have a God given right to govern.  Nothing else is acceptable to them.  Their  cheerleaders in the Lame Stream media believe the same.  That's why the viscous vitriol and opposition to the new SunTv channel and the Conservative government.  No one else in the country should have a voice!   No more, we're mad as hell and not going to take anymore!


  1. In case anyone has forgotten Holland is starting his cross country tour with the liberal harem.

  2. In case anyone has forgotten Holland is starting his cross country tour with the liberal harem.

    Have to watch out for him and his gals. He should be the Status of Women critic. With his loud mouth, I'm sure he'll attract a lot a babes! lol

  3. Liberals are the most arrogant, condescending, self-serving hypocrites in this country. They absolutely detest the average Canadian.

  4. Now that the Sun chain has gotten it from the horses mouth what the elites of Rosedale and Forest Hill think of them, when are they going to really throw their support behind conservatives in this country instead of tenuous acknowledgement?? (real conservative)


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