Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bring Out The Tissues, Chantel Pines for The Good Ole Days

Chantel Hebert is crying the blues, lamenting about how the country is becoming less Liberal and about who's going to be the savior of the Trudeau legacy.
In the decade since Pierre Trudeau passed away, Canada has become less Liberal in political appearance and in policy outlook.
Boo, hoo, hoo!  Chantel then goes on to infer that the institutions that Trudeau imposed on us  is going to going down hill like medicare,  multiculturalism, bilingualism, the Charter etc.  She's also lamenting there is no one in Quebec waiting in the wings to be Prime Minister.
There is a real possibility that the party that built Canada's social union in the sixties and seventies could have little representation of any kind at the table of the upcoming renegotiation of the federal-provincial fiscal arrangements that underpin Medicare.With a year to go to the next Ontario election, the winds of change are battering premier Dalton McGuinty's third-term government.
A solid majority of Quebecers would rather have Premier Jean Charest resign than undergo the second half of his third term. In British Columbia, the tide turned against Premier Gordon Campbell some time ago.
These days, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's practice of starting every news conference in French; his recent choice of a bilingual governor-general; the zeal with which his ambitious ministers are polishing up their bilingual skills in preparation for the day the Conservative leadership opens up are tokens of Trudeau's continuing impact on Canada's national life.
But beyond those public nods to Canada's linguistic duality, Trudeau's imprint on the national psyche is really fading.
The current federal government — including its prime minister — is genetically predisposed to be suspicious of the impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the country.
The multiculturalism that Trudeau saw as part of the foundation of a civic form of Canadian nationalism is increasingly viewed as a fracture-inducing stress point.
A decade after his passing, no national party boasts a strong Quebec presence within its caucus.
Moreover there is little apparent interest among Trudeau's fellow francophones and not much appetite in the rest of the country for a new Quebec generation of so-called wise men/women to come to Parliament Hill — in the manner that Trudeau, Jean Marchand and GĂ©rard Pelletier did in the mid-sixties.
If there is another prime minister from Quebec currently in the making, he or she is still very much a dark horse.
Chantel, Chantel, Chantel, I know you are pining for the good ole days but face it, the Trudeau experiment has failed.  Another thing, we don't want another PM from Quebec! We've had enough of that!
  Perhaps Chantel doesn't see that the public is starting to wake up to the fact that Liberalism (progressivism, socialism, marxism) doesn't work. 

People around the world are starting to wake up.  Look at Europe and the US in particular.  Progressives down there about to lose big time in the November midterm elections.  The Democrats are poised to lose control in the Congress for sure and very likely the Senate.  Real conservatives will be elected instead.  Voters have even rejected the progressive Republican establishment hence quite a few long time establishment GOP members lost in the primaries. That's why the tea parties are having such a big influence.

Voters are sick and tired of the big spending, the ever increasing size of government, and an increasing infringement of their civil liberties, individual freedoms and the nanny state.

Canadians don't want  Trudeau experiment 2.0!  


  1. Look conservatives know that 'those peoople' ran this country for decades with almost absolute control. I hope them saved their money for retirement. (real conservative)

  2. Trudeaupia is a failure that very few people wanted imposed. Chantel is sad because Canadians have woken up to the disaster of tribal politics that fancy pants Trudeau imposed, and the fact that Trudeau was an A-hole. Poor Chantel, she's feeling less special these days.

  3. Sean, yeah Trudeau was an A-hole no doubt. I heard he was real snotty. (real conservative)


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