Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Censorship Against SunTV

The vociferous — and at times unhinged — attacks by critics on the proposed new Sun TV News channel, or "Fox News North" as its detractors like to call it, are really about censorship.
He goes on to say that the critics of this new channel who say that it SunTV will just spew hate-filled propaganda have vitriol themselves.
Critics say the channel will spew "American-style" right-wing hatred, citing as an example — who else? — Fox News and its brand of "propaganda" that has "poisoned" U.S. politics.
Well, I don’t recall U.S. politics, or TV coverage of many bitterly partisan struggles, being all that genteel prior to Fox’s arrival. And though there’s no question that U.S. cable TV news and commentary today can be harder-edged than what is the norm here in Canada, to label Fox News as the sole source of overheated political commentary is ridiculous.
Why? Because there’s certainly no lack of excessive vitriol on the left in America. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, anyone?
(Or in Canada, for that matter. Heather Mallick, anyone?)
Kory Teneycke pointed out that an American special interest group funded by socialist billionaire George Soros has circulated a petition against the  all news channel was signed by Margaret Attwood and other bogus signatures.Want to know what Soros is all about?
Glenn Beck has a good take on who George Soros is, the one who's funding this campaign.  He is one scary dude.
Free speech?  I think not.  It seems the lefties don't want any  another voices but them. They believe in free speech as long as it agrees with them. They don't want facts and truth to get out there.  They don't want the public thinking for themselves.  They are afraid SunTV will be successful and they will lose their influence on the way you think. 

That is why we need SunTV more than ever!


  1. The Avaaz petition isn't the only anti-conservative media campaign George Soros is funding. Turn Off Fox is an astroturf movement, too.

  2. Hi all, just to preface I guess I am left-ish because I prioritize social justice issues - thats not a shot - just saying. I was surfing and came across this blog - just curious - trying to educate myself on this - I know Soros funds lefty campaigns - from reading his wiki he spent alot of money trying to help democratize in eastern Europe as well - why is he scary?

    thanks, enjoyed reading your blogs!


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