Friday, September 17, 2010

The Liberals to Keep Iffy Out of the HOC

Wow, I guess the Liberal party mustn't have much confidence in their leader. The summer tour must not have turned out as we all were led to believe from the Liberal media and else where.  They're going to keep Iffy Waffle out of the House of Commons this up and coming session that's  about to start on Monday, Sept 20.  Ralph Goodale and Bob Rae will probably be taking the reins and lead the party asking the PM question in the HOC during Question Period.

Is that such a wise move?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  When Iffy is in the HOC asking the PM questions, PM Harper always out performs the Waffle. The Waffle always looks uncomfortable and would sooner be somewhere else. Liberal numbers go down.  So from that front maybe it's a good idea from the Liberal viewpoint.

On the other hand, if you put Bob Rae, the one who desperately wants the leader's job, front and center, may not be so wise where Iffy is concerned.  Rae will get the media attention in the House, all the little 15 sec. video clips. Media attention in scrums.  If you're Iffy, do you want to give your best friend Bob the attention?  You might want to think twice but then again maybe that's what the party wants.  Bob Rae as the defacto leader and then pretty soon real leader.   BTW. Liberals, PM Harper will chew Bob and Ralphy to pieces and spit them out too.

Here I thought the Summer Liberal Tour de Farce was  a success. It was not only to connect with the little people but to also build confidence in the leader.  Obviously it mustn't have done either.   The polls are not much better than before. Iffy's leadership numbers are still the lowest of any of the leaders and now they're aiming to keep their dear leader as far away from the HOC as possible.

If you can't take the ruff and tumble of the HOC, you have no business vying for the big chair because that's what a PM has to do.   The ruff and tumble and all  the shenanigans that go on in the HOC is a part of the job.  It just shows the Liberals and their leader as chickens. Either way, with Iffy in or out of the HOC, PM Harper will have the upper hand.  He and his party will keep reminding the  members and the public each and every time the Liberal leader is absent.


  1. In Martin's article, Martin jumped to the conclusion (which he often does in his articles) that Iffy will not spend time in the House,
    but there are no quotes to back that up.

    Iffy can do Open Mike and sit in the House, most of the time.

  2. From prominent Lib Blogger Steve V. Liberal Fall Strategy: A Caution

    Right now, the thing the Liberals need is a strong leader, leading a strong, united, capable opposition, give all the appearance of a government in waiting. I'm just not sold with the idea that "getting out of Ottawa" addresses our current need, and in the end the strategy may just produce a few self inflicted wounds.

    My take is that this doesn't matter much, one way or another. It's a process issue. Libs love nitpicking OUR process issues (eg announcements made on a Friday afternoon), which is all just noise.

    Bloggers and junkies (and maybe the media ?) can have some fun with it, counting the days Iggy is out of the House (like they counted the days Harper was out of Quebec).

    I can see Harper again answering just one of the three lead-off questions posed by Ralph/Rae (to give SOME respect to them). Answering all three questions from Jack will raise Jack's profile, and reinforce Dipper talking points that they are the REAL opposition.

  3. So Iffy's job will be to tour the country and hit all the Timmie's that he has missed so far then?? I guess the Liberals are running him as a puppet or dummy, nothing inside but just a smiling face for the even dumber electorate to vote for? I'm sure the average voter is a lot smarter than that I know they are. (real conservative)

  4. Not to worry! the other leader Layton of the three will take over. remember he is one of the coalition group.
    So, when one is absent, either LAYTON or Duceppe take over. It is called COALITION.

    The liberal party of canada is used as a 'CLAMOUFLAGE' so that it will not frighten the liberal voters away but, not so this time,unfortunately for the the liberal voters they not only vote for the liberals but for the whole enchillada.


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