Friday, September 3, 2010

So Who's Keeping Secrets?

Taxpayer funded Mothercorp, CBC is always hammering PM Harper and his government for keeping secrets and not being open and transparent in not releasing certain documents,Afghan detainee documents for example. They accuse the government of hiding something and demand documents to be released.
Well, Mothercorp just may be the ones with something to hide.  There have been numerous requests to Access to Information for information regarding the CBC and they refuse.
 OTTAWA - CBC may demand accountability from the government but Canada’s taxpayer-funded broadcaster is going to court once again in order to keep its own affairs secret.
The CBC will square off against the information commissioner, an independent officer of Parliament, in a Montreal courtroom on Sept. 13. After hearing from a number of sources, including Sun Media, about problems with CBC’s response to access to information requests, the commissioner subpoenaed a number of files. The CBC refused.
It’s not the first run in between the state broadcaster and the Access to Information Act. The CBC became subject to the act in 2007, since then close to 900 complaints have been filed. While some of those cases were resolved and a small number were found to be without merit, as of June the information commissioner had 498 active complaints against CBC.

Just who do they think they are?  Why are they fighting from having information released even after being subpoenaed by the information commissioner ?  They have been subject to the Access to Information Act for the last three years now. What are they afraid of?  Are they keeping secrets they don't want the taxpayers who's funding them to know?   Another case of hypocrisy?  Pot calling kettle black?  

How about if we hold back funding until they comply?  Or just not fund them at all  anymore?


  1. could not agree more - withold funding permanently as they have outlived any useful purpose they had originally (to bind the country together), and have become a cesspool of leftist dogma, which is, in itself, divisive.

  2. Thanks to Brian Lilley (the media outlet feared by the Cdn msm) we find out yet anthor complaint has been filed against the CBC.
    So that makes 499 active complaints against the taxpayer funded biased media arm of the LPC.

    ''...The Manitoba Bar Association has filed a letter of complaint with CBC president Hubert Lacroix over their handling of the story of Madame Justice Lori Douglas...'

  3. Bruce from CambridgeSeptember 03, 2010 7:07 PM

    The CBC should be scrapped completely - it is a colossal waste of tax dollars and it no longer has any legitimate purpose.


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