Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Group Outside Canada Has a Petition Against SunTV

What's with international activist organizations who want to interfere with Canadian business?  Here's what I received in my email last night . It was a petition to sign to stop "the hateful  SunTV News."  First it was Aavaz,org.  trying to stop free speech now there's another activist group.  Care2 is an organization that seems to concentrate on environmental and human rights issues and is based in the US according to their website .  This petition has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment or human rights.  It has to do with stifling free speech much like the one Aavaz had put out.

The email I received says it wants to keep the "hate media out of Canada" and wants you to sign a petition.  They also seem to believe that PM Harper is behind this.  They go on to repeat the lie that Larry Martin dreamed up that the PM was manipulating the CRTC by pushing Konrad von Finckenstein the CRTC chief out  in order SunTV gets granted the license they want.
Looks like they're located in California., Inc.
275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 300
Redwood City, CA 94065

 Here is a screen shot of the email I was sent

Who is behind this petition?  I don't know but if you go to the website you will notice an ad there by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation    Are they behind this round of petitions?   Who knows but don't forget TD is infested with  Liberals. Liberals would not want other voices who would probably not cover for them like the current media does. Liberals involved with TD are  Don Drummond, who worked for Paul Martin while he was Finance Minister in the Chretien government.  Frank Mckenna former Liberal Premier of New Brunswick, and Ed Clark who was deputy minister who helped construct the must hated NEP.
I don't  really know if TD is actually behind this but since it's an American organization and TD has an ad on their website it does set off red flags.  One has to wonder.

In any case this group like Aavaz and others is just another nutty activist organization who wants only the left to have a voice.  To me that is not free speech.

It seems like there are those out there who are truly afraid of SunTV or what they call Foxnews North and that it will be full of hate speech even though SunTV has yet to air even one program yet.  It seems to me that these groups are the ones with hate and want to stifle free speech.  They don't want other voices for the public to choose from.  Are they afraid that maybe for a change the public will get some semblance of honest and truthful reporting?
SunTV will go ahead I'm sure and Canadians will finally have choice in news coverage. What a great day that will be when they finally go on air!


  1. Care2 is registered in the US

    This is from their "who is" records, Inc.
    275 Shoreline Drive STE 300
    Redwood City, CA 94065

  2. If TD is behind it, it will be the last straw.

    SUNTV was just something that I woulld have liked to have before. All these lefties comin out against freedom just makes me dedicated to SUNTV.

  3. If the CRTC do not grant SunTV a license then Harper should fire the lot of them, but then he should have defunded CBC and didn't have the guts.

  4. TD is afraid that its carbon credit scams will be uncovered.

  5. I moved my accounts out of TD many years ago because of the lean to the left that they display.

    Rob C

  6. The left are not interested in democracy but communism only. TD could be hiding behind certain interested employees who are fronting this latest campaign. Sound like the method they would use. (real conservative)

  7. Wow, what great comments and I must say I have to agree with everyone. Way to go guys!

    The lefties sure are hot and bothered these about everything it seems.

  8. While we wait for Sn TV to go through all channels; I watch FOX and GLENN BECK.
    Ask the lefties why they are afraid of having a Sun TV-they have no answer.

    Ask them why they are afraid of Sun TV a canadian station but not afraid of al-zareera a foreign television station.

    Once again I must say that if it wasn't for the FOX USA; canadians will be living in limbo. so, thanks to FOX for keeping us alert.

  9. I look forward to a conservative leaning network.

    The left has had it easy for too long.

    I must admit though I DO get a bit of ironic enjoyment hearing Canadians (even if , unfortunately, they are right wing Canadians) scream and wail about Americans interfering in "THEIR business".

    This is rich considering the amount of obsessive griping & moaning Canadians do about American's every move & breath.

  10. Once again I must say that if it wasn't for the FOX USA; canadians will be living in limbo. so, thanks to FOX for keeping us alert.

    To that,I say amen!

  11. I would not assume that TD is involved in any way. The way Web advertising works these days is the ads kind of follow you. Ever notice how you investigate a trip or something . . . move on to something else . . . and then suddenly here's an ad about just what you had been researching. Google does this. In this case, the ad probably knew you were Canadian . . . and the site is ostensibly environmental. TD might have criteria that has their ad coming up when a Canadian clicks on an environmental site.


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