Monday, October 18, 2010

Are We Ready for a Conversation On Healthcare Reform?

As deficits are mounting in our Provincial and Federal governments, something has to be done to get the finances under control.  Our universal health care program for one is totally unsustainable if we keep going on with the status-quo.  It seems that the more money that is thrown at it it just seems to get worse.  Wait times are astronomical for most tests and treatments. We have a shortage of doctors and nurses. In fact upwards of 17% of Canadians don't have a family doctor.

In Alberta here health care eats up 40% of the government's total budget and in the future if we don't make any changes, more and more of the budget will go towards health care never mind other things like infrastructure that we so desperately need.  Budget 2010, health care costs pushed our Alberta budget to a whopping $4.7B deficit. Health care  spending rose 16.6 percent.

The Feds have steadily increased transfer payments over the years as well. So where is all the money going?  I beg to say it is going primarily to the beaucracy, the unions (nurses unions etc.)  So what do we do?  We can't keep going on like this, something has to give.

It 's good to see that the federal government is finally looking to at least starting an adult conversation on the matter.  Have they already signaled  it with Max Bernier?  Could be. Or is he just going rogue? I hope not. But any case, I hope at least it's a positive indicator from the government. It is long overdue that's for sure. We do need reform in this country not just in health care but in general way the we do government. Government cannot be all things to all people. Someone has to pay, if not now but eventually with our children and grandchildren footing the bill.  We don't want to burden them with our hefty bills.  I don't want to see our future generations used as slaves! It`s not fair to them. We have to get out of this entitlement mentality.

So let the conversation begin!  At least it's a start!


  1. I thought maybe Quebec would lead the way to healthcare reform.
    Charest brought in user fees in his June budget.
    Iffy gave the thumbs up, then reversed to the thumbs down position(flipflop as usual).
    And now Charest has backed down too.

    The federal program 'fix for a generation' ends in 2014.
    Time for the provinces to get serious about healthcare reform

  2. Yeah, Iffy and his flip flopping! What else is new,wilson.
    For sure don`t count on Liberals to bring reform, they love the status quo in fact expanding it with their home care plan. The only hope I see is federally, the Harper government and provincially, in Alberta, Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party.
    Danielle at least would cut the bureaucracy at the provincial level and money would follow the patient. That`s what she said at a town hall she held on Thursday night that my husband and I attended. We just have to get the Wildrose party elected to government next election in which is pretty good chance in light of the incompetent performance of the Stelmach PC government. Time for a change.

  3. If bread were free there would be infinite demand but no supply. Most people see this clearly but now health care that is another story. So what could possibly be the problem?

  4. FMGRL,
    Hate to disagree with you but here in B.C. the Nurse's Union has settled for a "no wage increase" for the last 3 years. Try bashing teacher's instead. They are paid far more per hour worked than we nurse's are.
    Another hint would be to stop the multi-million dollar payout packages to CEO's and other high level bureaucrats who are usually in the job for less than 3 years.

  5. I hope everyone does not get to bent out of shape over this but I think we could solve a lot of the over expenditure of dollars if we limited the amount allowable for specialists and minor unnecessary things.

    It seems we have damn near as many specialists as we do regular docs. Why does everyone with an infected toe nail need a specialist? Ya I know but that is what it seems like. Guaranteed health care if we are to be able to afford it is going to have to be pared down to things that are necessary for life. Abortions, cosmetic surgery and a host of other NON LIFE THREATENING things should be the responsibility of the person that wants them not the TAX PAYER. Yes I know someone may have to go through life with a scare on their hand, arm, face whatever and a host of other non life threatening things but hey that is life. There are no guarantees.


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