Friday, October 1, 2010

Iffy- Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?

People were supposed to come clamoring to worship at his feet by now.  That just hasn't happened.
 The Liberal leader is at a quandary as to why Iffymania is not taking place.  He spent the summer on a bus with his plaid shirt traveling all over the country trying to be one of us and yet he can't get traction.
Michael Ignatieff spent the summer on a bus touring the country. He travelled 40,000 kilometres and he shook more than 15,000 hands – and yet he can’t figure out what he’s doing wrong.
Behind the closed-doors of his caucus meeting Wednesday, the Liberal Leader appeared “frustrated,” according to an MP who attended. His frustration seems to be over the fact that despite his Herculean efforts to try to connect with Canadians this summer, he hasn’t.

 Michael Ignatieff was brought to Canada from his comfortable position at Harvard in a promise that he would be anointed Prime Minister shortly after he would arrive.  He was parachuted into a riding in Toronto where an ethnic female minority candidate was forced to step aside so Iffy could take his place.  Then after the disastrous election results of the Liberals under Stephan Dion and teaming up with the socialists and separatists to overthrow a  duly elected government that fortunately failed, Iffy was crowned leader without the grass root Liberal members having a say.  Now he expects the Canadian public to fall in love with him and crown him Prime Minister and we are not prepared to do that.  He wonders why.

Well first of all he might have a look in the mirror.   Most people don't know what he actually stands for because he keeps flip flopping on everything. Most find him arrogant and condescending even though he tried to bring himself down to our level during the summer.  It  didn't work.  The public are as not stupid  he or his handlers think.  We saw right through that phony facade.

He might also look at his own party. The Liberal party is empty  of policy, morally bankrupt and believe they are entitled to run this country. They supposedly have been developing policy for the last two years, you'd think they would have some by now. Remember the Thinkers Conference for example? It was to produce new bold ideas. Nothing came of it.  He commissioned Scotty Brison and Tipsy John Mcallum to come up with an alternative budget in 2009. Never heard a word.   Where's all these policies, eh?  And when they don't have the reins of power they act like rabid animals, All they do is mudsling, the faux scandals and fake outrage over everything. The public does not like that either.

All he does is smear PM Harper and doesn't offer any alternatives.  Iffy and the Liberals are in a time warp stuck in the sixties.  They keep regurgitating the same old big government type of stuff like universal day care, etc.  Times have changed.  The public don't want those things anymore.  They want prudence, accountability,  lower taxes, smaller government etc.   The Liberals have not caught up with that fact.  They're blinded by their own hunger for power they can't see past their nose.  That's why you and your party can't get traction, Iffy!


  1. so well put - the arrogance of these entitlist fops is beyond belief - no policy, just Harper-hatred and bufoonery should return them to the trough - and where is the MSM in all of this ?

  2. and where is the MSM in all of this ?

    They're not going take Iffy and the Liberals to task.
    They're just an arm of the Liberal party.

  3. Dear Mr Ignatieff,
    here in Canada, the Prime Minister is not just a pretty face and master of the telepromter.

    Here in Canada the Prime Minister is responsible for every aspect of running our country,
    which calls for decision making, decisions that have an effect on 34 million people for today and decades to come.

    Here in Canada, we have expectations that the Prime Minister knows what he is doing,
    and has the political background and political judgement to do the right thing.

    You sir, have none of the above qualifications for Prime Minister of our great country.

  4. The media is the Liberal Party. (real conservative)

  5. Excellent comments today! Keep them coming!

  6. Follow the bouncing ball of Liberal talking points ... At the beginning of the bus tour, their spin was that the tour wasn't about moving the horserace numbers. It was about getting Iggy out in public, listening, yadda yadda (the implication, for me, was that the Libs expected Iggy's leadership numbers to improve).

    Anyway, we get to early September, Frank Graves publishes a poll where the Libs are about half a point behind us. Jubilation in Liberal-land ! They've got the big momentum now. A new trend has been established.

    Yah, OK, whatever. Meanwhile, the Nanos leadership index has Iggy down by two points, which most pundits ignore, as not being part of the curentt Liberal narrative.

    And now, at the end of September, the spin suddenly becomes, "how come we're not doing better" ?!? It's hard enough for Donolo to deal with loose cannons like Codere, who go off message, but now Pete has to deal with Iggy himself, as a loose cannon.

    This joke of a "government-in-waiting", is fast becoming a joke of spin machine, spitting out incoherent, inconsistent talking points, from left right and centre.

  7. Well, for me, whether it's Ignatieff, or Bob Rae, or Justin Trudeau, I will ALWAYS remeber AdScam, and the NEP, and Chretien's arrogance,(golf-ball stunt, Shawinigate) and the overall hypocrisy of Liberals in general, who always appear to say,"Do as I say not as I do"(proroguing for example). Their time IS up. I think the overall Left's time is up.
    Oh, by the way, I'm not very happy with the Harper Cons lately either- kissing Quebec arse once again. I think Macleans was just shining light on some facts. Where is the outrage over Alberta bashing? NO QUARTER

  8. I'm amazed at how the Liberal Party continues to cling to life even though they have a flaky leader (nearly last place attendance for voting on bills -- seriously?), no policies (zero, zilch, zip), no bench strength (but they have the son of former PM featured in today's National Post -- wow, that's awesome). They are so pathetic that they have to keep harkening back to Trudeau.

  9. Brison is best suited to giving out investment advice to his friends prior to the release of government policy.

  10. Do you realize that the media and the liberals are the only ones stuck in drive in their own little worls while the rest of world including Canada has moved on.

    Jeff, the liberals cling to life with the help from the national media and other phoney reporters. Without them, the LPOC is totally lost.

    Whenever the liberals come out to say 'PM largest deficit in Canadian history' to numerous reporters who stand around. There among them not one reporter not one, who values his job as reporter to say out loud for all to hear including us, "Come again! Ignatieff or whoever, where did you did that imformation from, have you know that it was your previous leader Trudeau the one to leave us with his largest debt in canadian history"
    Alas, no such reporter exist to confront the liberals. They are cowards, afraid to speak up. COWARDS.

  11. Heh , geezez , look at your critics , Iggy . Do you think anybody wants to see Mark Holland causing the west to leave , no matter where you put him ? McCallum transport minister ? riiiiight . McCallum as defense minister ? riiiiiight . McCallum as finance minister ? riiiiight . Ralphie as permanently outraged minister of umm , farm stuff yeah , thats it , farm stuff . Then you got whatshisname , oh yeah , Gerard Kennedy , outstanding in somebodys field ,like left field , lost and confused with a bunch of nice signs . Last but not least , Iggy , most Canadians have more self respect than to let a whining , un-elected ,irritating , third rate talk show host pop up from nowhere and annoint himself as saviour . Most Canadians aren't liberals .

  12. The inserted leader of the Liberal/Separatist party just can't figure out why his cynical bus riding photo-op tour, and the costume wearing Quebec made cowboy boots and checkered shirts didn't insert him into the PMO. Maybe because Canadians aren't as shallow and superficial as you, Igg. American Iggo just can't seem to grasp the reality that it's not 1968 any more. Empty slogans and cynical photo-ops, while imposing "culture wars" and divide and conquer strategies is not going to cut it Iggo. Canada is a foreign country to the Count, and the learning curve is just to steep for American Iggo.

  13. Well said Sean!


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