Friday, November 19, 2010

Canadians Need A History Lesson

Immigration and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenny says Canadians need to be more knowledgeable about  our history and values or the country is at risk.
OTTAWA - Immigration Minister Jason Kenney warned a conference of historians and educators that unless we do a better job of teaching history and common values, we risk social unrest in the future.
Kenney said there is a need for both native-born Canadians and newcomers to have a solid understanding of Canada’s past including our political system, and how Canada’s culture of rights and responsibilities developed.
The new study guide "Discover Canada" the government put out last year was a good start.
“That’s why the government says that 'Discover Canada' and our efforts to promote civic literacy have to be focused on all Canadians and not just newcomers,” Kenney said.
Discover Canada is the government’s study guide issued to help immigrants prepare for their citizenship test. It was released last year and replaced an older guide that spent little time on Canadian history but did teach would-be citizens the importance of recycling.
I also agree with Mr. Kenny that we just don't know our own real history because it's just not being taught. Instead revisionist history is being taught.
Kenney also took a shot at how Canadian history is often taught, saying there is too much emphasis put on social history and some recounts of Canada’s story make it sound like the country was built of oppression and injustice.
“If that indeed is the way in which we seek to teach history, no wonder that young people aren’t particularly interested,” Kenney said.
Canada has a great historical story, I believe that needs to be told.  . The progressives for some reason  are the ones who have not wanted Canada's real history taught. They would have you believe for instance that our military history is that of just peacekeeping which is not true.  
The only way for us to know our real history sadly is to actually learn it on our own and  pass it on to our children. We have to go back, take the time to research, and read the actual words that our leaders have have spoken and have written.  That's the way you get the truth about our history.

If we don't know our true history we cannot really move forward and are doomed to repeat. My hope is that someone at the new SunTV will take up the mantle just as Glenn Beck has done on Foxnews.  He and his staff have done a fantastic job doing the research and presenting it to the American people the true history of the United States of America. He has presented facts about their history that was not known by most people before just by going back and reading the actual words of their leaders.  I really truly hope that someone will do that at SunTV and  teach Canadians our real history.


  1. The "progressives" aren't anxious to have the REAL history of this Country taught because it would reveal that many of their heroes had feet of clay. (For instance Tommy Douglas on eugenics)

    So,they "Disney-fie" our history to make it compatible with THEIR beliefs.

    One of my kids high school history teachers had a bitter argument with my son about D-day in WW2. She claimed the Americans,whom she hates, did NOT play a significant role in that military action.

    He argued the opposite and was told to shut up or he'd have to leave.

    All HS teachers I've encountered have taught that the Japanese were interned in B.C. during WW2 out of pure racism,and this revision has become as widely accepted as global warming.

    I won't even bother to discuss the Jews/Israel with any of them, they (Israel) are the New NAZIS in their opinions.

    By all means,the history of this great Country should/must be introduced to newcomers, but we have to be damned careful who writes the books.

    We all sure have high hopes for Sun-TV,don't we? I hope we aren't disappointed.


  2. But he still opposes a MacDonald-Laurier holiday in February because it would decrease our productivity. The Americans have Presidents Day and schools leading up to it teach even more about Washington and Lincoln at a minimum.

  3. The distortions and denials of Canadian history and who's at fault for this organized estrangement are clear, one doesn't have to look any further than the "Liberal" party under half-wit Pearson and of course the great mystic distorter Pierre Turdo. Pearson changed the flag without the consent of the Canadian people and started Canada down the road of the biggest heist of taxpayer dollars with enforced and quite unnecassary "bilingualism. Turdo continued these distortions and denials and imposed his revisionist history of Canada and saddled the country with the myth of "two founding nations" , the Languages act, and multi-cult. This is where the estrangement began and the halls of education continue with these distortions and further cast adrift the nation from it's roots. If Canada's real, factual history is to be taught, will the curriculum put forward contain the facts as to how the country became so adrift from it's traditions and symbols, or will it be more revisionist, distorted, politically correct nonsense.

  4. Sean,thanks for that that history lesson and what you said is so true. We can thank Pearson and Trudeau for the revisionist history that is taught today.

  5. The very same thing is happening in the states. Students are not taught the history of the 'Founding fathers' instead are taught the 'progressive socialism. Thanks to Glenn Beck, who took the bulls by the horns to 're-educate the americans.
    Since then, americans and canadians and for that matter other countries are becomming more aware of their surroundings or looking for it since many of them have been denied access to their country's history in schools.

    Many black americans have no idea that there were 'black' men in the midst with the white men- as 'Founding Fathers.'

  6. Jen,that's just exactly what I'm saying. Charles Adler on his show yesterday was talking about this very issue. He seems concerned too. I'm hoping he will take up the mantle on his show on Sun News. He will have the staff and the resources to help him to the research in which we don't have.


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