Thursday, November 4, 2010

Justin Trudeau To Stump for Vaughn Liberal Candidate

Pretty boy, Justin Trudeau will be stumping for Tony Genco, Liberal candidate for the riding of Vaughn   before a by-election that is to be held on Nov.29
Just a few weeks after lending a hand to failed Toronto mayoral candidate George Smitherman, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is hoping to raise his party’s fortunes — this time in Vaughan — when he joins that riding’s local candidate Tony Genco on a promotional tour Thursday in advance of the federal by-election later this month.
Mr. Genco is headed into a fierce fight against Conservative Party candidate and former Ontario Provincial Police Chief Julian Fantino for a seat that has been a Liberal stronghold for 14 years.
The Tories are hoping to break the Liberal domination in the November 29 by-election with the high-profile Mr. Fantino, a well known figure in the Italian Canadian community.
According to Liberal Party ads, Mr. Trudeau, MP for the Quebec riding of Papineau and the son of late former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, along with the “rest of the Liberal team,” will stop by Vaughan’s DiManno Bakery for lunch, followed by a visit to the West Woodbridge Seniors Club.
It’s not clear why the Liberals feel they need Mr. Trudeau’s help to win a riding in a province in which the young MP does not live.
Maurizio Bevilacqua, the former Liberal MP who has held the seat since it was created in 1996, was recently elected as Mayor of Vaughan, leaving a hole the Conservatives hope to fill this time around.
Justin stumped for George Smitherman a few weeks ago in the city of Toronto mayoral race and we all how that turned out.   If that election was any indication of the affect that Trudeau has, I think CPC candidate Julian Fantino's chances have just increased.


  1. Gee young Justin of Trudeau sure helped Smitherman. I hope his magic touch continues, toss your hair Justin, maybe wear your ripped jeans.

  2. I started as a Rossi fan in the Toronto Mayoral race, then when Trudeau came to support Smitherman, it made me as a voter (and lots more I presume) to realize that Ford was doing something special and had some great policy ideas if Justin was against him. The same will happen in Vaughn.

  3. The kiss of death.

    Tony will soon be sleeping with the fishes.

  4. Only the Liberals and the media believe in the cult of Trudeaupia. Everyone else is like, "who"? "Trudeau's kid? "What does he want"? It bodes well for Fantino.

  5. As a resident of the Caledonia area and a life long Tory, I would vote against Fantino no matter which party he was running for. A law and order candidate?...give me a break!


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