Monday, November 1, 2010

Something's In the Air

  Something is going on, you can feel it in the air. You take a look at what happened in Toronto, a latte sipping lefty bastion, last week where  small c-conservative Rob Ford won the Mayor's seat.  A month before Conservatives won an overwhelming majority in the election in New Brunswick defeating a Liberal government making David Alward the new Premier.

It's going to be a bloodbath tomorrow in the House of Representatives in the US midterm elections for the Democrats.  Republicans are poised to gain power of Congress and possibly the Senate as well by huge margins.

What is the catalyst for all of this?  I think Roy Green has nailed it.
So what may have acted as catalyst for a ballot box attack on the status quo? Arguably, the Great Recession.
Certainly Canada didn’t face the same level of fiscal clear-cutting experienced by our American neighbours, who watched major financial institutions crash and burn, frequently saw their pensions and savings compromised, experienced the trauma of home foreclosure and grew increasingly furious as Washington, first under George W. Bush and then more spectacularly under Barack Obama, spent more than a trillion non-existent federal dollars propping up what was considered “too big to fail”.
Americans watched thousands line up for very few available jobs while corporate gangsters pocketed publicly announced severance payments in the millions.
“What can we do” was replaced by “dammit! No more”!
Simply the public is sick and tired of the big out of control spending, the big nanny style government at all levels that has a noose around our necks that seem to get tighter and tighter with each passing day.  We are in debt up to our eye balls and our children and grandchildren will have to pay  the bills. Our freedoms are being stripped away at every turn it seems and people are finally starting to wake up.  It's about time.

What this shows is that voters are mad as hell and are not going to take anymore.
John McCain has it right when he says " big government spending is generational theft"

So what does this all say?  Well, that socialism doesn't work and is on it's way out and  small c-conservatism is coming into style because it's small government, more freedom that is really what works. It's good for everyone.

If federal CPC  gets with the program, plays it right, listens to the public and offer some real small c-conservative solutions, they can catch the wave and a majority would most likely be theirs.  Perhaps they've already started the ball rolling with Maxime Bernier out there talking about some of those small c conservative libertarian solutions.  You bet on it that he wouldn't be out there speaking like that if he didn't have the PM's blessing.

 This at the end of Green's article:
Once again analysts are analysing and post mortems will feature dumbfounded analytical attempts to make sense of “wha’ happened”.
There will be more of that following tomorrow’s U.S. mid-term vote and no doubt trailing future federal and provincial elections here.
It’s no mystery. The answer has been “blowing in the wind” of political talk radio for some time now. Cup of tea, anyone?
Amen!  I believe there is a wave coming and it's a big blue wave!  Get ready for it!


  1. Iffy already made his lurch to the left, paving the way for a LibDip coalition.

    There is no way Iffy can flipflop now, and make a right turn.
    There's no way back for the Liberals, that train has 'left' the station.

    All Libs have to do is look at the conservative movement in Quebec, a hypothetical party that is polling at 39%,
    and know their goose is cooked.

  2. Quite simply: we can't afford socialism anymore. (real conservative)


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