Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Liberals Still Entitiled to Their Entitlements

It must be in the Liberal DNA because the last five years out of power, the Liberals sure have not learned anything. They still have that arrogant sense of entitlement.This right out of the leader's mouth:
“They want to win. It’s just that simple,” Ignatieff said. “They don’t like being in opposition. We’re a party that’s governed the country. We’re not like the Bloc or the NDP who think this is dying and going to heaven. We think this is purgatory and we want to get back to the business of governing the country and we know the only way we can do that is if we’re united.”
Wow! Doesn't sound like they've been very humbled at all by having to sit in the opposition benches.  Just that statement alone proves they should not be returned to power any time soon. They were voted out of office for that very reason,the sense of entitlement. Power is all the Liberals care about. They don't care the county. They don't care about you. All they care about is stealing your money. You see they have a very tough time in the fund-raising department and they need the money. . They act like junkies when they can't get their fix.

. All they do is bleat and howl like banshees at government  while offering no ideas or alternatives of their own. They cry outrage at issues that the public doesn't care about re-prorogation, Afghan detainees etc.  They've been in this constant mode,with the help of their talking head friends in the Lame stream Media of finding and manufacturing faux scandals trying to make the Conservatives look bad. They haven't done anything to earn their way back to power.

Don't let them fool you.  They will do anything, say anything, try any stunt under the sun to get those keys back.

I hope the Tory war room is tucking statements  like this away in a safe place so that they can remind voters  come next election that Liberals haven't learned a darn thing since being turfed out five years ago.


  1. He is wrong, "they" are the party that ruined Canada. "They" are the party that stole millions from the taxpayer. "They are the party that pushed the charter on all of us.
    "They are the party that ignored our military for years"
    "They" are the party that allows their mps to sit in caucus while facing drunk driving charges, while demanding Conservative ministers or MPs be fired for whatever.
    "They " are the party of losers, with a leader that has to get his wife to dress him, pick our his reading material and order his food.
    "They" are the party with a leader that will Host his family at New Years.
    Mary T

  2. The Liberal party's arrogance is mind-boggling.

  3. The Liberals have learned nothing from being in opposition.
    Have a Merry Christmas Farmgirl!

  4. Considering the professor was appointed as leader in spite of the Liberal party constitution, it's even more pathetic.

  5. And they(liberals) are the NDP's and the Bloc's dinner.
    The media kooks are the liberals' ndpers and the separatists 'main' course.

    Whatever comes out of Ignatieff's or any other liberal mp's mouth comes out with the approval of their signed contract friends the ndp and the bloc.

    The ignorance in the media:
    -Dalton the premiere of Ontario-not canada but the province of Ontario has rack up a debt to 200billion dollars and counting.
    the PM of Canada-'the country racks up a debt to $60 Billion or less.
    Instead of the media going after Dalton for the heavy debt; they go after the PM.
    You see how bright the media is.

  6. The Liberals have learned nothing from being in opposition.
    Have a Merry Christmas Farmgirl!

    Well exactly,Fay! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

  7. Instead of the media going after Dalton for the heavy debt; they go after the PM.

    Dalton is a Liberal after all. You know the media can't go after a Liberal. They have to cover Liberal butts.

  8. When the Liberals are not up to dirty tricks then you know they are planning something. (real conservative)


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