Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Will Be the Next Governor General?

 The current Governor General Michealle Jean's term is ending in a few months and the speculation is PM Harper is on the hunt to appoint a new GG.  Michealle Jean has done an admirable job during her tenure and  I for one will be sorry to see her leave.  She would make a great ambassador to Haiti. Hopefully PM Harper will appoint her to post like that.  

The next GG will have a hard act to follow.
The buzz around now is who will replace Michealle Jean?  There have been a few names bandied about such as

  1. Rick Hansen
  2. Inuit leader Mary Simon
  3. Preston Manning
  4. Wayne Gretzky
  5. retired General John de Chastelain

I like Rick Hansen, Preston Manning, and Wayne Gretzky. I think they have all represented Canada very well well in their particular capacities and would do a great job at Rideau Hall.. I don't really know the other two names, Mary Simon or General John de Chastelain so it's hard for me to comment on them.

But my first choice I think  would be retired Major General Lewis Mackenzie. He's had a distinquished career in the military, has been a great spokesman for the forces and Canada, and is a man of strong principals and of high integrity, a man of common sense.  General Mackenzie, knows the forces inside out and is well respected by all in the armed forces  and would make a great commander in chief.  He's also well liked and respected by general public as well.  So I hope the PMO is considering him too.

So that's my choice, what say you?


  1. I would love to see MacKenzie too, but since he once ran for the Conservatives and don't know if PM Harper will want to appoint someone who won't have the appearance of being 100% neutral in any crucial decisions about minority governments.

  2. Mary Simon! She's fluently bilingual!

    And Wayne Gretzky? Someone HAS to be joking! Get a bloody grip! Why not Celine Dion,or Anne Murray,or Burton Cummings, Avril Lavigne, Alannis Morrisette?

    We don't need a celebrity, we need a G-G!

    Hillier or MacKenzie.

  3. No we don't meed a celebrity like some ex-CBC staffer. If I was Gretzky I'd say no anyways, I mean doesn't he have more important things to do? Still he is an intriguing choice. I'm sure there is a lot of people to choose from. Should be a male, white, leaning conservative or at least not a known leftist, and has some regard for the institution of parliament and the crown. Regarding the French b/s, it doesn't matter. (real conservative)

  4. The selection has to be of one who is unbias, love their country(not abuse or insult her) and who has profound knowledge of both foreign policies and canadian policies.

    My choice would be: Duffy, Pamela Wallin, preston Manning but they are political heads but when it comes to choose one of them-PRESTON MANNING.


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