Friday, September 24, 2010

The Coalition Is Alive and Well

If anyone has questioned whether or not the coalition is alive or not just consider what has been going on since parliament has resumed.  If they don't watch it, they're playing right into the Prime Minister's hands.   The PM and his Finance Minister has painted the opposition as the coalition.

 Wednesday the coalition got together and voted to keep the long gun registry even though some opposition members had previously supported the private members bill by CPC MP Candice Hoeppner to scrap it. (Six of Jack Layton's members voted with the government by the way the other night.)

Now the coalition of the losers are getting together to save the mandatory long form census.
Opposition parties banded together to save the long-gun registry, now they're trying to rescue the mandatory long-form census.
 The Liberals submitted details to the House of Commons on Thursday of a private member's bill that would specifically insert the mandatory long-form census into the Statistics Act.
The bill could see first reading in the Commons by Oct. 1, and the opposition hopes it can hurry it through second reading and on to committee hearings. The Bloc Quebecois and the NDP said Thursday they would support a bill to resurrect the mandatory long form.
  There is no doubt, the coalition of the losers is alive and well. This is just a beginning I believe.   Yes they will deny it.  They will say "There is no coalition."   But DON'T believe them. DON'T let them fool you.   Just look at the gun registry vote and how members from both the Liberal and NDP parties flip flopped at the last minute.  It  tells you a lot.  Why did those members all of a sudden change their minds after supporting scrapping the program? They  even campaigned on scrapping it?  What happened?  What were they promised or were they threatened? My spidey senses are telling me something.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but, I think something is a foot here.   

Don't believe what the Lame Stream Media will tell you either.  They will say "Oh there is no coalition at play here. That was over a long time ago. Michael Ignatieff denounced it shortly after he took over as leader of the Liberals and he was the last Liberal to sign the coalition document."  Bunk!  Don't forget the Liberal media had promoted the idea of the coalition when the losers tried to overthrow the government just weeks after the election in late 2008. Beware! Neither CAN be trusted

The coalition of the losers and their media don't care about you. They don't care about Canada.  All they care about is getting  big bad evil PM Harper and the Conservative government out and taking over. They are power hungry  and aching to get  at the public trough.  They will destroy our fragile economy with all their social programs like universal daycare  and will raise your taxes etc. ( They will cancel the corporate tax cuts that the Conservatives have put in place for example.) They will bring in Kyoto. They will destroy the country.

The coalition of the losers are progressives and progressivism is not good.  It's about taking your wealth, spreading it around and taking away your freedoms.   Don't let them!


  1. You just gotta know that this is going to slap Iggy & Jack.

    Of course they are so obsessed with the Trawna ridings that they can't see the trees etc.

    I pointed out in the NP, that they are reduced to fighting over turf in TO just like drug gangs bickering over a crack house.

  2. 'They will bring in Kyoto'
    The coalition already did, Pablo's PMB got royal accent June 2007.
    The coalition just has to get into govt,
    and it's there for the taking.

    Alberta/Sask oilsands will be put under a coalition moratorium 'pending environmental review'....
    Believe it!

  3. We are seeing what The Coalition of Democrats and their useless idiots in the mainstream media are doing to America.

  4. Jan Narveson, political philosopher, describes fascism as "everyone sacrificing himself to the State". This is exactly what Progressivism is attempting to accomplish: long-form census forces us into service of the State; redistribution of wealth, a concept that can only make sense if the State assumes you are a servant of the State; a gun registry perpetuated through propaganda with its concomitant warrantless searches, stigmatizing free, law-abiding citizens; sacrificing our health, quality of life and sometimes life itself when the State criminalizes using your own money to pay for their own healthcare; HRC bureaucracies that regularly violate our basic rights of freedom of speech, property rights, and freedom of association; ....

    I could go on but I think you get the picture. Progressivism is fascism. If Canadians really do believe in freedom it's time for the pendulum to start swinging in the other direction. We need to start taking back authority over our own lives.

  5. If one reads the coalition documents, one finds that the Liberals and NDP agreed to work together until June 30, 2011. There is no provision in the coalition agreement for it to be unilaterly voided by one of the two parties.

    While Mr. Ignatieff has said the agreement is no longer useful, there has never been an equivalent sign-off by the NDP to the best of my knowledge.

    The Bloc's agreement with the other two parties ended June 30, 2010, ie some 6 days after the 2004 Bloc MP's would reach their 6th anniversary and achieve pension status!

    In sum, the Bloc are no longer obligated to support the Liberal/NDP coalition but may elect to do so if its suits their purposes.

    However, the Liberal/NDP coalition agreement remains in force unitl the middle of next year.

    stephen p

  6. 'They will bring in Kyoto'
    The coalition already did, Pablo's PMB got royal accent June 2007.
    The coalition just has to get into govt,
    and it's there for the taking.

    That's right,I forgot! All they have to do then is to implement it. WOW! Be afraid, be very afraid!

  7. We are seeing what The Coalition of Democrats and their useless idiots in the mainstream media are doing to America.

    Exactly! Watching what's going down there is downright scary. Do we want that here? Watch out folks! Tea Party anyone?

  8. We need to start taking back authority over our own lives.

    You bet! That's why we must not allow the losers to take even one inch. You know the saying. "Give them and inch, they'll take a mile" Above all I implore everyone who prays to pray for our country, our Prime Minister and his government. We are approaching a crossroads in this country where we are going to have to choose once and for all, to retain what freedoms we have left or to hand over our remaining freedoms to the coalition of the losers.

  9. I got it, not filling out the Loooong form census causes global warming.

    Iggys new campaign slogan

  10. There's going to be a new logo in Newfoundland & Labrador during the next election, ABC, yep you guessed it ANYTHING BUT COALITION (Liberals, NDP, Bloc)


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