Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CBC Exec and Liberal Senator Lunch Paid for by the Taxpayer

Aren't we generous?  CBC vice president Sylvain Lafrance and Liberal Senator Francis Fox shared a $119 lunch and put the tab on us the taxpayer    Surprised?  I thought not.
OTTAWA – What happens when a senator and CBC executive meet? You pay either way. The only question is how much.
According to documents obtained by QMI Agency through access to information, a lunch between a CBC vice president and a Liberal senator cost more than $100.
Sylvain Lafrance, the executive VP of CBC's French language services, treated Liberal Senator Francis Fox to a $119 lunch in October 2009 at Montreal's Restaurant Julien.
Details of what was consumed are not provided in the documents, but an online version of the restaurant's menu shows entrees normally cost less than $20, meaning the pair likely dined on more than just food.
Lafrance also charged taxpayers $21 for cab fare to and from the meeting.
Fox was a member of Pierre Trudeau's cabinet before he was forced to resign as solicitor-general in 1978 after it was revealed that he forged the signature of his girlfriend's husband to help her get an abortion.
Fox was appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin in 2005 and has helped Liberal election campaigns as an advisor.
Lafrance became known for his lavish spending on hospitality before he cut back, following stories by QMI Agency.
Makes you wonder what they had for lunch for the price of that receipt.  Oh well, what do they care, stupid's paying anyway. I'm guessing this probably isn't the only instance where Liberals and someone from mother corp have dined together on our dime. It's just that QMI have been able to obtain documents for this one case.   

Liberals and the CBC, birds of a feather, liberal elites that like to suck off the public teat with no regards for the lowly taxpayer.  Time to shut old mother corp down and time to elect our senators and bring Liberals down another notch or two.

BTW. Brian Lilley has been doing an awesome job exposing the CBC and the lack of accountability.  If you haven't go and read some of his previous articles on the issue in the Sun papers. He's been exploring this since last fall.


  1. I wonder which Liberals the producers of NationalNewsWatch 'do lunch' with.

  2. I wonder which Liberals the producers of NationalNewsWatch 'do lunch' with.

    I wonder too. The headlines say it all there. NNW is clearly biased in favor of the Libs.


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