Monday, January 31, 2011

The Kids Are Back from Vacation

Today kids are back on the Hill after their Christmas break.  The question is will they play nice in the sandbox like grown ups or will they resort to their usual juvenile antics?  Will they do their name calling, temper tantrums and playing their usual games for political opportunism? Or will they be responsible,act like mature adults and get some work done for the benefit of the country?

Jane Giggles Taber reported that the Liberal's own pollster has found that only 15% of Canadians pay attention to federal politics. Is it any wonder? Our MP's act  worse than four year olds sometimes, it's pathetic especially during Question Period. Canadians have contend with their own four year olds at home with their temper tantrums.  Who feels like paying attention to a bunch in Ottawa who should know better, behave like spoiled,whiny children?  Who feels like paying attention to the antics, the faux scandals etc.?  That is a turn off. 

So kids, now that you're back from vacation, please act like adults, get along and get some work done. After all that's what we pay you for. Above all don't waste our time and money on juvenile gamesmanship.   If you're not prepared to do that, then tender your resignation now so we can have an election and elect some MP's that are ready, willing,and able to work and behave like grown ups. 

I say to you juvenile MPs, grow up!  You'll gain more respect.
That's what a majority of Canadians want.  They don't want an election, they want you to work.  I don't know but I'm not holding my breath.

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