Monday, February 14, 2011

CTV Gets Outed By Sun Media Journalist

Sun News can't come soon enough and here's one reason why. The shoddy journalism of the lame stream media.  Case in point is the latest by CTV and Toothpastegate.  They pick on the PM's comment about toothpaste and miss the rest.  How ignorant!
Thank God for Brian Lilley from Sun Media who calls out CTV for their hit job on PM Harper  He clarifies what PM Harper actually said.   The last part on his blog is bang on.
I hope no one relies on Question Period for their news.
This is why viewers are hungering for something different.
This is why Sun News is on the way.
Amen!!!  If this is the kind of stuff that Sun News will be offering, bring it on!   It's about time some of these arrogant Harper Conservative hating so called journalists were called out on their hatred and bias.  It'll be refreshing to actually get some facts for change.

Others that are on this story:


  1. I am not a fan of PM Harper and the way he has moved the CPC to the left of centre but I do agree with you that the unjustified vilification of him by the MSM is totally unethical.


    And we say 'no' we haven't. In fact we haven't heard much of anything positive re to the prime minister and canada.

    frmgrl, you know how the liberals like to accuse the conseervatives of things which the liberals should have done themselves years ago and you know how the host just sits there says nothing but echo the liberals accusations?
    Well, I hope that the Suntv host would do a far better job by having his facts at hand.
    here is host of CTV PP interviewing a liberal bloc and conservative.
    Question is about the EI

    Lib says "the PM is not doing the job lots of people have lost their jobs and need their EI fund but there is no money there.
    The bloc and the ndp obviously would say the same as the liberals to the conservatives.

    The host who suppose to have all facts to this subject should ask/tell the liberals
    "Hold on here lib, your party at a such and such date took the EI funds from the public and spent it without replacing the money.How can you sit there and accuse a government of only five years of something that happened 6-7 years ago?" And since the subject is about the E I FUNDS why haven't you people (LPOC) replace the money; the public have a right to know?"

    Frmgrl, this is the type of interview we should be getting and not some 'bump on log' letting the liberals have their say without explaination.

    I wonder also if the suntv will air the PM whenever and wherever he goes. Canada need to know their PM.


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