Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NDP Hypocrisy

The NDP have been trotting out Charlie Angus  lately to howl about how terrible the  political discourse is becoming, that's it's American style but Matt Gurney aptly points out their hypocrisy.
Hoo boy. After NDP MP Charlie Angus expressed fears that Canada would reach American-style levels of poisoned political discourse, linked to the pending arrival of Sun News and the CRTC’s decision to water down its regulations against false news, Sun Media’s David Akin took to Twitter and launched a counter-attack. With a barrage of links, Aiken helpfully reminded the Canadian public of some of NDP moves that, evaluated fairly, wouldn’t have really done all that much to elevate the tone of our national political dialogue. A lot of them were familiar. There was Pat Martin’s bizarre asbestos puppet show. Or the time that an NDP MP accused Tory James Moore of surfing porn on his laptop while sitting in the House of Commons (the photos, which were not pornographic, were shots of his girlfriend taken on a beach vacation).
But the real winner was a link on the NDP’s homepage titled Taking Aim, inviting members to become part of an ominously named Target Team. The map helpfully includes references to taking the Tories “head-on” … and a map of Canada covered in — you guessed it — bulls-eyes.
Yup it comes with their own targeted map alright.

Is this not hypocrisy?   
Then the NDP are suddenly worried about truth in news?  It's not like we've been getting a whole lot of truth in the news anyway.   It's been going on for eons.

David Akin writes about NDP Speech police
 Lorne Gunter asks Who Gets to Decide What's True
This is all about SunTV.   The voices on the left are obviously terrified. 

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  1. Ah, yes, lawn darts - the assassin's weapon of choice.


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