Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Defends Womens Rights? Certainly Not Liberals

The left always like to  brag how they are the "defenders" of women's  rights.  In the past Liberals when they were in power, protecting women's rights meant funding organizations that engaged in activism instead of funding organizations that go to directly helping women.

Actually the defenders and protectors of women's rights are Conservatives  as Barbara Kay so aptly points  out in her column. Our Conservative government has come out to fund an initiative geared towards preventing honor type violence against girls and women.
Fortunately, strategies to diminish honour-motivated violence against girls and women in Canada are being mobilized by the federal government.One such initiative was launched last week by Minister for the Status of Women Rona Ambrose. The Edmonton Indo-Canadian Women’s Association has received $241,000 for a 24-month project designed to empower immigrant girls and women, “Elimination of Harmful Cultural Practices: A Community-Centred Approach for Education and Action.” The project is a tangible outcome of meetings and conferences sparked by a July, 2010 Frontier Centre report on the troubling persistence of honour-motivated abuse into the second and third generation of South Asian communities.
Part of the money will fund a shelter, WIN House, reserved for refugee and immigrant women fleeing abuse, within which the program, “Changing Together,” will operate. A priority is information outreach — to inform immigrant women before they come to Canada, on their arrival, at settlement offices, banks, doctors’ offices and other frequent points of contact (including Facebook and Twitter) — about women’s rights here, reassuring immigrants that such practices as forced marriages and dowry fraud are not tolerated in Canada.
She then sums up her column by saying that a Liberal government probably would not be intiating such a program. I agree.
Not to be (very) partisan, but I doubt that a Liberal government would have found the will to apply such “active, muscular liberalism” to the problem before a European-style crisis forced its hand.
Clearly something has to be done to stop this kind of violence against innocent women and girls and I'm glad our Conservative government is on the ball on that front.  Liberals seem to be more for advocacy when it comes to womens issues. Conservatives are more for helping women directly. Case in point, they are defending womens rights not only in Canada but also in Afghanistan by help women and girls to go to school  to work etc.  

Liberals just talk, Conservatives do!


  1. Liberals giveth and Liberals taketh away. (real conservative)

  2. Oh great another waste of money.

  3. Most definitely not Liberals nor for that matter the NDP or the Bloc.

    Carolyn Bennett said that mothers who stay home to look after children that their children will grow up to be 'CRIMINALS'.

    The NDP nor the BLOC stood up for MOTHERS

    We call for the 'resignation' of CAROLYN BENNETT for insulting mocking 'stay home' mothers.

  4. Aboriginal marital women asked the PM to pass a bill allowing that the women have equal rights. The Opposition parties voted AGAINST the marital women. Only the Conservatives stood up for the women.

    Yep, women to the OPPOSITION PARTIES are just weaklings needed to be lead by the OP.

  5. The only way we will get rid of honour killing in Canada is to stop Muslim/Islamic immigration and send the ones that are already here back to where they came from. Honour killing is part of the Muslim/Islamic culture and as a lot of people lately seem to be noticing they refuse to relinquish their unsavory ways and adapt to ours. Where ever you find Muslim/Islamic people you will find honour killing world wide and they are not going to change the practice because someone else does not like it or agree with them.


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