Monday, March 14, 2011

If We're Going to Have an Election, Let's Get It Over With

We may know for sure within the next couple of weeks whether or not we will be going to the polls.  I don't see what  the Liberals or the NDP for that matter have to gain from going now.  Both are not doing that well in the polls.  There is no Iggymania sweeping the land. His approval ratings have been lower than the previous Liberal leader.  Jack Layton has been having health issues.

The last few few weeks the opposition have hammering the government on faux scandals that that public doesn't really care about. According to a former Liberal strategist if the Liberals think they'll gain traction campaigning on ethics they should think again. In fact the economy is foremost on Canadians minds.
One, the top-of-mind issue for Canadians is the economy. It always is. I consequently don’t see how we Liberals can ignore the economy in a 36-day campaign. I understand the desire to avoid talking about an issue that is a Conservative strength. But the economy is the 600-pound gorilla in the room. Ignore it at your peril.
Is the Conservative government perfect?  Heck no!  But the mistakes they've made may be stupid but not worth going to the polls over.
Why not wait a few days for the budget?  Liberals probably know that it will be a relatively good news budget and don't want Canadians to hear it.   So that leaves Jack Layton.  He's  in a conundrum.  What will he do?  The NDP have been on the government's case over so called "ethics" issues too but on the other hand what if the Minister Jim Flaherty has put in help for low income seniors that Jack has been asking for.  Will he end up saving Iffy?

There has been so much acrimony in parliament since the Christmas break maybe a spring election might be what the doctor ordered.  Now is a good chance for a Conservative majority. A majority government is always more stable and that is what is needed to make some of the hard decisions that are going to have to be made in the near future. 

If we're to go to the polls, bring it on! 



  1. Found this article in today's NP

    Don’t step in the bullpucky
    .David Frum, National Post · Mar. 14, 2011

    ‘The Harper government -whoops, sorry, that phrase! -is hardly composed of saints. Yet it is surely the most honest federal government Canada has produced in a very long time. And just as Moynihan predicted, the enduring human need to discover deviancy has magnified trivial problems into Parliament-shaking scandals.’

  2. How the Conservatives lasted thus far with no media boggles one mind.
    I guess the general public who were sheltered, manipulated lied too during the liberal corruption years are now seeing through the Transparency Act brought in by the Conservatives, the actual facts behind the corruption have awaken many canadians.

    These same canadians should ask themselves:" why haven't we been told before?"
    "why is the MSM so adament in talking about the liberals?"
    "How many billions of our dollars went into the sponsorship scandal that lasted for many years?"
    Why were we made fools of by the msm and opposition parties?"

  3. Thanks Jen for that link. It's a pretty good article.

  4. How the Conservatives lasted thus far with no media boggles one mind.

    It's amazing isn't it?

  5. Have the Opposition politicians really taken a look at the timing of this election? The date I keep hearing is May 2nd, which is the last day of tax season (i.e., the last day to file your T1 return 'on time'). The Conservatives just have to get a new batch of ads out reminding voters to look at their forms and see how much less tax they pay now than they used to. Pension income splitting, working income tax benefit, amount for children, Canada employment amount, public transit amount, children's fitness amount, universal child care benefit - the Conservatives have truly enabled families to keepe more of their own money.

  6. With the coalition ever to be in power Frances, you aint going to see a dime.


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