Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh,Oh Not Enough Money In The Piggybank For Liberal Goodies

So the Liberal leader promises childcare,senior care,will pay for your child's post secondary education etc. A billion here, a billion there. What's his plan to pay for these big government programs?  He's going to raise corporate taxes. Will that be enough money to pay for what he wants to give Canadians? Well,it seems like there won't be enough change in the piggybank.
I think he should listen to Jack Mintz,Director of School Public Policy,University of Calgary on the Dave Rutherford show yesterday.


  1. Yes, of course Mr. Ignatieff and his Liberals want to raise your taxes.
    Attempting to ease his blotto disaster way of trying to "put it to you" gently will not play out with most Canadians. Like he's mister nice guy not wanting to revert to attack adds like the Cons do. I almost shed a tear for him - UHHHH! Don't think so.
    It is easiest to sneak in the back door as opposed to telling the outright truth and this has been sensed from day one, make no mistake about that.
    Now that we know for sure which way the tide is turning isn't it time we gave "this guy" the majority he deserves?
    I believe it is.
    Go Conservatives, go and lets rid this rag-tag party and its elitist group for what it is - the coalition of losers.

  2. 'What's his plan to pay for these big government programs?'

    Tax the hell out of the Oilsands thru enviro regultions.
    His coalition partners will be behind that move 100%.
    Not one of them have anything to lose in Alberta/Saskatchewan
    NDP 1 seat in Ab
    LPC 1 seat in Sask

  3. Interview really confirms the economic illiteracy of the Liberals. Equally galling, I think, is the Liberal attitude that corporate profits are there for the taking, as if that money belongs to the government. It is utterly contemptuous of corporations. Clearly the Libs will have impose other taxes, such as a carbon tax, in order to pay for their pipedreams. Nothing like using other peoples' money to build a completely dependent society. Where's the dignity in that? Where's the dignity in perpetually leeching off your neighbor?

  4. johndoe124 said...

    Couldn't have said it better myself,johndoe124.
    Thanks for the insight.

  5. Thanks for the video. Agree with Johndoe124 100%, the Grits are hopelessly economic illiterates. Tanstaafl Canada!


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