Saturday, April 23, 2011

PM Jack Layton

How do  you like the sound of that?  It could happen you know.  With the Libs tanking and the NDP surging and if the Conservatives fall just short of a majority, you could have Jack Layton move into 24 Sussex as the head of a coalition of the losers.  Here's a just a small taste of what that could be like.
According to Jack Mintz, one of North America’s pre-eminent economists, Layton’s tax hike plan would be devastating to Canada’s fragile economic recovery.
Mintz, director of the Palmer Chair at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, says raising corporate taxes to 19.5 per cent would cost Canada about $75 billion in lost capital expenditures and a whopping 300,000 jobs. But that’s not all.
“By raising corporate tax rates, you’re not only hurting capital investments and jobs, but you’re also hurting technological advancement,” in terms of investment into new machines, research and, therefore, productivity.
Layton, who clearly detests big business, says he’ll cut small business taxes instead.
“Despite all the rhetoric,” explains Mintz, “studies show that lowering the small business tax rate encourages a lot of new small businesses to be formed, partly because people are avoiding personal income tax, but actually, there’s very little growth of the small firms.”
Yup, that would tank our economy and that's not even figuring in cap and trade and  Bloc mail.
 Layton wrongly believes that raising corporate taxes will give him more revenue so he can spend, spend, spend on lots of big, new, shiny social programs. And, of course, to stay in power and woo all those Quebec voters, Layton has already promised the mayor of Quebec City some $25 billion in projects like a new professional hockey arena, a tramway and a high-speed rail line between Quebec City and Windsor, Ont. Ignatieff has promised the same. The separatist blackmailing is just beginning and the coalition hasn’t even been formed yet!
Layton has also vowed to impose a moratorium on oilsands growth and bring in a cap-and-trade system on greenhouse gas emissions, which will devastate Alberta, the engine of Canada’s economy. Layton is a likable fella and he’s run a good campaign, but that doesn’t mean he should be leader of the Opposition or, heaven forbid, prime minister. It’s not likely he will gain the keys to the PM’s official residence, but if he did, the speed at which he will destroy our economy will leave us all gasping.
How do you like that?  Plus there would be instability in the coalition, which would cause instability in the markets and generally in our economy.  Why take the chance?  I think I'll go for PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives who have over the past five years even with all the obstacles they've had to endure have provided stability, steered us through a very bad recession very well in that we are the envy of the world and if returned to office with a majority would provide the right conditions for Canada to prosper and flourish even more.

Are the Conservatives perfect? No but  think of of the alternative.  The coalition of the losers with PM Jack Layton with economic chaos and instability that would turn Canada into a third world banana republic or a Conservative majority with PM Stephen Harper at the helm with stability and prosperity.   Those are your choices folks. 

"With wise and knowledgeable leaders there is stability" Prov 28:2


  1. Don't scare me like that.

  2. Not going to happen for two reasons. Even if the NDP beats the Liberals in votes, the Liberal vote is more concentrated so the Liberals would still win more seats. Also if the Liberals agreed to support Layton as PM, they would be signing their death warrant. They have made the argument that only the Liberals can beat the Conservatives and by supporting the NDP in a coalition they are more or less conceding it is the NDP not the Liberals who is the main alternative. The Liberals will not back the NDP in a coalition, you can take that to the bank. In fact these numbers probably make a coalition less likely provided they hold as the Liberals will not support having the NDP as equal partners and the NDP won't support being junior partners. A more likely scenario is you will see an outright merger much like you did between the PCs and the Alliance.

  3. One thing for sure. With the hatred the Insiders in the NDP have for Israel, we could expect an immediate foreign policy change. Canada for Jihadists will become our approved position.
    Scares the hell out of me!

  4. My financial advisor sent a warning that a coalition could mean our retirement fund could drop to 2008 crash levels again. So, if you're smart, make sure to have stop losses in place before next weekend.

  5. Folks, call me paranoid, but I think there's A LOT more to the Coup/Coalition than meets the eye. For those interested in stopping the hijacking of OUR democracy, please give a gander at: "The Real Co-Conspirators Behind the Coup":

    and tell me if I'm wrong. Please.

  6. When corporate tax rates are cut, the savings are pocketed by the corporations and divvied out usually according to the principle that the richest get the largest amounts. It's very extravagant to spend $14 billion on such cuts which go towards people with a low Marginal Propensity to Consume. To make up for the shortfall, governments are inclined to attack programmes that lower the cost of living for people of higher marginal propensity to consume as well as lower the cost of doing business. They privatise, they download, and user fees and toll charges are levied, the standard of living decreases. This combination is murder for the economy, it undercuts demand and discourages hiring and investment as there's not sufficient demand to justify the hiring or the investment. Voodoo economics has never worked, and Harper as a practitioner of voodoo economics and his those cheerleaders of said economics have no credibility at all. Remember that Harper wanted to meet the financial crisis with austerity combined with voodoo economics. So they took the stimulus spending forced on them by the opposition and stuck Conservative Party logos on the cheques!

  7. Email to CTV Newsnet

    I don’t want to be an alarmist, but inadvertently, there was something very disturbing, told Canadians on the CTV News Network this morning, that should be of great concern about the neutrality, impartiality and the role of some members of the media in this election campaign.
    In reporting about a Harper rally this morning, and the questioning of the Prime Minister, Robert Fife told Jackie Milczarek “We’ll get him”.
    This conjures up a picture of some sort of conspiracy by some members of the media, to undermine or carry out some subversive attack in the dying days of Harper’s campaign, to influence the results of this election or worse – certainly not the role of a supposedly impartial media.
    I think it behooves Robert Fife and CTV, to make public who all constitites the “we”, because otherwise, this is a suspicion and smear of other members of the media who are innocent , professional and not deserving of this accusation of unprofessional conduct.
    Are Canadians , Elections Canada , CRTC and Harper’s protective detail entitled to an explanation of this threat? Has the media watch dog been alerted?
    At best Canadians should be warned of the objectivity and neutrality of some members of the media, in their coverage of this election campaign, and that some individual media types are not above distorting and misrepresenting their reports to Canadians.
    The report that include that threat of “we’ll get him” aired shortly after 11:00 A.M. CST, and I see any reference to it has been removed since in Fife’s reports – for a cover up, and what I would say are obvious reasons. Does CTV brass think that Robert Fife should remain as a reporter on the campaign trail or are their viewers entitled to a more ethical and reputable coverage? Here is the opportunity for CTV to demonstrate to Canadians who have expressed concerns about biased coverage, that they will not countenance any hint of it, on their network coverage of the election campaign and that their integrity is more important than a reporter’s personal vendetta.
    I expect CTV will be issuing an apology to their Canadian viewers.

  8. Let's hope voters in this Country aren't naive enough to believe that Jack Layton has a bloody clue about how the economy actually operates.

    On a National scale,it would be disastrous,and we'd end up like Greece,Ireland,England,and every other Country that's been foolish enough to elect far left socialists.

  9. Yes, Canada will become like Sweden, Denmark or Norway, countries that always top the lists of the happiest countries in the world... how horrible! The fiends must be stopped from this fate worse than death!

  10. Jack's the wild card in the election kiddies

    hee hee hee hee

    What's the difference between the orange team and the light blue team?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    The orange team's available across the whole board

    ho ho ho

  11. Your idea of economics is consumption? Go back to economics 101 and look up investment and production. Make sure you send the chapter in .pdf format to Jack and his advisors too.

    Economic illiteracy is going to be the death of us all (literally)

  12. Hockey fans are sophisticated after all.
    I was at a hockey game last nite and a booing broke out.
    Conspiculously it was booing for one politician but applause for another - hockey fans do have some sophistication.

    @RickRadovski Rick Radovski
    4000 people booed #Ignatief at the #Majors game tonight while #Mississauga Mayor#HazelMcCallion got a huge ovation. She should run Canada
    11 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

    Rick Radovski, Vice President Marketing and Sales at St. Michael s Majors Hockey Team, Mississauga,


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