Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's Scaring Who?

Liberals fear-mongering saying Stephen Harper will gut health care yada,yada,yada.  Stephen Harper on the other hand is warning of a coalition with the Liberals and NDP with the Bloc calling the shots which would most likely cause a unity crisis.
Kelly McParland aptly points out all the fear mongering.
The Liberals release a campaign ad accusing Stephen Harper of trying to seize “absolute power.”Michael Ignatieff campaigns with former prime minister Paul Martin, who sends out a fundraising letter claiming the Tories will destroy health care. “The future of health care hangs in the balance …  there are just 14 short days remaining to save our cherished universal health care system,” he says.
Liberals warn that Mr. Harper is “open to American style private for-profit health care.” Vote for the Conservatives and he’ll gut the system and make everyone pay for their check-ups.
So what’s that tell you? Well, it tells the Toronto Star that the Tories are using “cynical scare tactics” in their campaign.
Uh, yeah.
Even though our health care system is expensive and needs reform, PM Harper is not going to gut it.  Besides delivery of health care is provincial jurisdiction. At least the new Sun News has started a discussion on the issue.  Let's hope our politicians take note and take measures to change things. The way it is  right now is actually unsustainable.

Right now though, I'd be more concerned about a coalition in which the Bloc is holding the real power.


  1. Yes, I don't like the idea of the Bloq having the balance of power on things like the budget or
    an issue of confidence. They only care about themselves and Quebec.

  2. The BLOC should be de-funded! Their agreement with the Liebrals and NDP was blatantly undemocratic and would have shut-out all of the conservative voters in Canada for 18 months. They will do it again too, in a heartbeat, as soon as they are asked, officially on on the QT.

    Anyone with a brain knows that there is no free lunch and our current version of health care must change asap. Just think of all the jobs it would create in the health and insurance industries. Having hypochondriacs and high users pay for their check-ups is not a bad thing. Alberta once, years ago, sent people a bill (which did not have to be paid) for services. Canadians do not have a clue how much checking that sniffle costs. Europe has a much better system of universal health care. Note to immigrants: bring money with your granny. We already paid for the last generation.

    There should be a law against ANY government starting any new un-funded, pay-as-you-go programs.

    Time also to privatize EI and CPP.

  3. There you have it folks! The coalition resurfaces as the true agenda for this election! Pay careful attention to what Layton says: "If the FIRST-place party is defeated, (i.e. the budget in a non-confidence vote) some other party would get a shot at it. We shouldn't immediately go back to an election --that would be ridiculous." O.K. most Canadians know that.
    Now here's the kicker: Layton went on to explain THAT THE 3 RUNNER-UP PARTIES --THE LIBERALS, NDP AND BLOC in all likelihood could "come up with a common agenda" under a legislative accord.
    So, he has completely bypassed the democratic idea of negotiating with the winning minority party (likely the Conservatives), and as such will bypass the will of the electorate. The Opposition want to govern WITHOUT a mandate from the people.

    This is a replay of the 2008 coalition where the west will have virtually NO representation west of Ontario.
    As for there being "no discussions" with Ignatieff, I don't find that credible. Think about it. How would he know then, that the 3 Opposition parties could come up with a common agenda?

    Send this link to all the "I believe Ignatieff that he won't participate in a coalition" crowd "because he said so". Total B.S. The fix is in! Stephen Harper is correct! We NEED a Conservative majority! Also expect Jack to do some backtracking on this and go back to his" I would reach out to the other parties". The ONLY way Jack gets into caucus is in a coalition, and I can't believe he will pass up THAT prize.


  4. This is a replay of the 2008 coalition where the west will have virtually NO representation west of Ontario.

    Seems like it doesn't it? BE AWARE FOLKS!!! The only way to prevent this is to make sure we elect a Conservative majority.

  5. Can you trust or take Ignatieff's word for anything he says - you decide.

    Mr. Ignatieff said. “So I rejected the coalition in 2008 and I’ve gone into this election, firmly excluding it.”

    Ignatieff signed the document along with all other Liberal MP's that was presented to the Governor General for the coalition in 2008 - we know it and have the proof .
    Does he take Canadian voters as a bunch of turnips or is he a pathological liar?
    Ignatieff said "I think, at this election, it’s actually crucial for people to know what you’re voting for,”
    It sure is and Ignatieff has tried to pull one over on us once too often.


  6. Check out Ignatief's interview with Peter Mansbridge on CBC. He pretty much said the same thing as Layton.


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