Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Note to Fiscally Conservative Liberals

Tomorrow will decide our fate. Does Canada move forward with Stephen Harper or do we go backwards with Jack Layton?  You must be a part in that decision. You may not like Stephen Harper but you have to admit he and his government have done pretty decent job in steering us through the great recession.  I along with other BT bloggers like Joanne from Bluelikeyou appeal for your help.

When you read about the NDP's hidden agenda and do a reality check on their cap and trade plan it must alarm you.  I'm sure reasonable minded Liberals like John Manley must think this is insane.and must not be allowed to happen.

Basically what the NDP would do is put our country into economic chaos that would shake the markets  and bankrupt this great nation.  You,your children, grandchildren and generations to come would be paying for this travesty.  What essentially would be happening is the NDP would be  "committing generational theft" (a term coined by moderate Republican US Senator John Mcain when referring to the uncontrollable spending going on the US)  Besides look at what is going on in the world, the economic crisis in Europe, the Middle East, the disaster that our friends in Japan are dealing with. and the financial turmoil our friends and neighbors to south are enduring.  Remember we are not an island.  What goes on in the rest of world affects us as what goes on here affects them. We do not need chaos and turmoil here to add to the world instability.

I'm sure you don't want that to occur.  This election is crucial.  It seems like your party won't be the government, not even likely official opposition.  A coalition with the NDP with Jack Layton as PM  wouldn't last long and  would probably destroy your party forever.  I don't think you want that to happen.  So as citizens who love their country and who want their party to survive join in and vote for a Conservative majority tomorrow.   All most all of the nations papers have endorsed a Conservative majority.

So why not take the plunge even if you have to hold your nose. It will give your party time to rebuild and to be viable contender in four years.   I'm sure you agree we cannot be into an election every eighteen  to twenty four months anymore. We need stability and four years of peace and I know you would agree.


  1. You cannot be any clearer than that.If the Conservatives can do house cleaning( down to 2 seats after Mulroney) the Liberals can do the same.And I am sure it would more than endear them to like minded Canadians.Clean house,have a leaders convention and come back with a new party and new leader in 4 years.

  2. I can hardly wait for layton to get up in QP and get smacked down by Baird with some reference to his massage.

  3. I can hardly wait for layton to get up in QP and get smacked down by Baird with some reference to his massage.

    That would be something to behold that's for sure!

  4. "I can hardly wait for layton to get up in QP and get smacked down by Baird with some reference to his massage."

    This is what your looking for in your government? That's sad.

    Harper's Conservatives lowered the government's revenue and increased spending, giving us the largest deficit in Canadian history. They're the complete opposite of "fiscally conservative". But I believe every government will spend, the real question is where do you want your taxes to be spent. I'll trust the junkie down the street with my cash before I'll ever trust the Reform/Alliance party that masquerade as conservatives.

  5. I think it's a stetch to call the Conservatives fiscally conservative. Yes, they have had different priorities than the previous Liberal governments, but their spending has been no less (arguably more)excessive and wastefull. Fiscally consevative means spending less, not just spreading it around differently.


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