Monday, May 9, 2011

One Week After Election

Well it's one week after the historic election the dust is starting to settle. I thought I would share a few of my thoughts.

  PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have that much deserved and coveted majority although I'm sad to see that some capable ministers will not be back.   Conservatives will be able to govern for four years without the constant election threats,committees controlled by the opposition that obstruct, dilute and pursue faux scandals that waste time and taxpayer money.  They will actually be able to get some good things done for a change like finally killing the long gun registry but that doesn't mean they should have carte blanch.  We the public will have to watch,keep them accountable and make sure they don't get arrogant and adopt that culture of entitlement that brought the Liberals down.  

Jack and Olivia  moving into Stornoway are wondering how they're going to go about putting out fires and control  their new greatly expanded inexperienced caucus which is made up with a few young  kids that are going to need some training. I wish them well. Even though the NDP is now the official opposition, they will have less influence and power than they did before when there were minority governments and they had fewer seats.

Meanwhile the Liberals are licking their wounds from a devastating loss wondering what to do next and who will be their next messiah. The next few years the once mighty party will decide whether the party rebuilds, merges with the NDP or just dies.  Interesting days ahead to see what happens.

The Bloc, well it's a good day for Canada because now the Bloc has no longer any influence on the nation's business.

We'll have to listen to Lizzy May's screeching for four years but hopefully not too much.

The main stream media has lost the influence they once had.  They did everything in their power to sink PM Harper and the Conservatives but it didn't work.  Voters looked passed the hate, vitriol and the bias this time and made their choice.

Lastly congratulations to all who won their seats no matter what party.  The next four years are going to be fun and interesting to watch and just think no federal election until 2015. 



  1. You know what I think the deal is with Andrew Coyne? He's going to run for liberal leader. You heard it here first.

  2. You know what I think the deal is with Andrew Coyne? He's going to run for liberal leader. You heard it here first.

    An interesting thought. He'd fit in well. Who knows, you could be right!

  3. "...You know what I think the deal is with Andrew Coyne? He's going to run for liberal leader".

    Interesting. Another Liberal disaster. Another newbie who thinks political life is a just-add-water cake-walk. Show me a draft-Coyne petition from the grass roots Liberal hinterland (make that grass roots urban jungle) and I might think the idea had merit..

    But Coyne is just arrogant enough to believe that He could pull it off.

    Make our day ....

    Michael St.Paul's

  4. Coyne... ah yes the Liberal elite who wrote about the Conservatives becoming
    the Stupid People's Party
    re: the long form census. yes he wrote that, before the smart guys in the LPC were ousted.

    He would be a worse failure than Iffy, because he is so hung up on process/parliamentary rules,
    he ignores the people.

  5. This is a dream senario for PMSH, a much reduced Bloc influence and the LPC out of the way (forever?). The NDP as the Official Opposition is a perfect political foe.... for many reasons.

    PMSH will govern for all Canadians,
    and will do as he said, will keep his promises and plan for a decade, rather than 3 months.

    In 2015, the NDP gets to test drive without training wheels. Potentially the CPC and LPC can pick up some seats in Quebec,
    and there will be 30 new seats for grabs, in Ontario, BC and Alberta.
    PMSH will attract strong candidates to run in those new seats.


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