Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PM Harper vs. President Obama on Israel and the Middle East

First I trust everyone had a great Victoria Day long weekend.  Here in southern Alberta it was an  OK weekend if you want rain. Saturday was fairly nice even got some gardening done. Sunday and Monday the weather was kinda of unsettled.

Now to the main topic.  Israel has been friends and allies with both Canada and the United States. Last Thursday President Obama gave a  major speech stating that the peace process between Israelis and the Palestinians that Israel must return to the 1967 borders in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted Pres Obama saying it's "indefensible and challenges their existence."

President Obama's statement was frightening and is frankly dangerous not only for Israel but the world.
Obama is a danger. He is a Manchurian candidate — a radical, undermining America from within and endangering America’s allies, too.
Well, I'm glad our Prime Minister is "NOT" supporting Pres Obama's  dangerous Middle East  peace proposal.  PM Harper has been consistent in his support for Israel and I believe he's right, for Israel,the right to exist. and the right to defend itself. 

 Seeing that PM Harper is well liked and respected by his counterparts and now has a majority government there's good opportunity for Canada to take advantage and a have a greater influence in the world on  the Middle East and other important issues as well. 

PM Harper has always and will continue to consistently stand up for and protect Israelis interests, President Obama, I don't think so much.

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