Monday, June 27, 2011

It Starts NOW!!!

Times have never been so exciting in Alberta politics. For the first time in years we have a real race going on.  The PCs have been in power for 40yrs now and they need to go.  Now they have a real rival. The Wildrose party is a relatively new party and is an honest to goodness real contender.

Alberta's Wildrose party held it's Annual General Meeting over the weekend. The theme was "It Starts Now" They signaled they are ready to take on the PC's who have been in power way too long and have become arrogant,entitled,and in recent years, incompetent and corrupt.  The Progressive Conservative party  have done nothing "conservative" in the few years. Alberta is a mess!  Wildrose is the only real conservative party in Alberta. I believe they are quite capable  to fix the province especially with Danielle Smith who is articulate, smart, credible and who has a lot of great ideas. 

As Wildrose lays out their platform they will be urging voters to give them a chance. She also told delegates that the PC's had their chance even changing leaders won't cut it,  they blew it and it's time for them to go.
She took dead aim at the six Tory candidates vying to replace Ed Stelmach as PC leader and premier, accusing them of being just as responsible for a long record of government failures.
Smith said would-be premiers Alison Redford, Ted Morton, Doug Griffiths, Doug Horner, Gary Mar and Rick Orman are "pretending" to disagree with some of Stelmach's unpopular policies.
They're also pretending to stand up for Albertans, protect land owners and search for real health reforms when, in reality, they're "running away from their own records as fast as they can," she said.
"The uncomfortable truth is this: they all helped create the problems we face today and now they are all pretending they are the ones who can fix it," Smith, flanked by Wildrose candidates, told party members packed into the Telus Convention Centre.
"They had their chance. They blew it. All of them. It's time for them to go.
If I were the PC's I would take Wildrose seriously because the latest poll says Wildrose is in striking distance of the PCs. and we're not even into an election campaign yet when the public pays closer attention.

Yeah the PC's and the media will try to smear Leader Danielle Smith and her party but  it's not going to work.
They saw what happened to the old Reform party now the Conservative party and it's leaders from Preston Manning to Stockwell Day to Stephen Harper.  They will be prepared. 

So to all you small "c" conservatives in Alberta why don't you get on board and help get a real conservative party elected in the next election.  We need change. Wildrose is your only choice. It's time to get to work and yes it starts NOW!!!

PS. Wildrose will scrap the Alberta Human Rights Commission. That alone should be enough to support them.  PCs have no intention of doing anything about the kangaroo courts. 


  1. I've been a member since Wildrose came on the scene and I support them financially. It is time for a real conservative government.

  2. The main reason conservatives have ruled for so long is there was no real alternative-liberals and ndp were dead on arrival.
    Really, this will be the first election where they face a real opposition.

  3. Really, this will be the first election where they face a real opposition.

    Exactly MaryT,and it's been long overdue. I really think the PCs are scared. For once in a long time I'm actually excited about provincial politics and can't wait for the election. It's going to be a good one and one that will be hard fought.
    I like Danielle and I think she'll make a very good Premier. She sure seems to know her files very thoroughly. She's got what it takes in my opinion.

  4. I would like to know if she would allow other provinces smear our province, the oilsands which feed the nation and our national pride, The Stampede', which so far, I have not heard STELMACH say anything in support of our province of late.

    I do not know how she would react to Quebec's government demanding more and more money from our oilsands when in fact our province needs money as well to battle our affairs.
    Also, I hope that she reminds news reporter and the public of the stituation we have arrived at since the fed liberals cut fundings to Alberta for Health care which in time took a toll on the province.

    We are a proud province, we are kind and most difinitly generous. but we have suffered humilation both in canada and international by activists who have no knowledge of our province only that, the prime minister lives here that's all.

    Standing up for Alberta our first major priority.

    I think that Danniel Smith and the PM Harper would do business very well.

    I know that the PC have been in government for many government but, other than Wildrose, is PC again with another leader.

  5. I have voted Alliance and WRA now to be WildRose for the last 3 elections. My only fear is when they are elected they will be like Harper & the federal conservatives and move so far left they will be what the Liberals were before they started trespassing on the NDPs turf. At 72 years old the only politician I have ever seen that did not morph to the left is Preston Manning. I hope Dannielle Smith is the 2nd politician I`v seen stay the course set out upon.

  6. D.S. had a meet and greet in Milk River a few wks ago and talked for an hour answering questions, without notes. She does know her files. Over 40 showed up on a busy afternoon to hear her. A wk later Horner was here and 10 showed up, including our mla, and Horner and one other travelling guy. He talked way over our heads re health care and need for more longterm beds here and more lodge rooms. He said, well, we know this is basically a seniors town, but in 10 yrs can you say the same need will exist. I think the need will increase as more of the younger generation (50 yrs and up) have said, that is where they will go when the time comes.

  7. I would like to know if she would allow other provinces smear our province, the oilsands which feed the nation and our national pride,

    I hope she does stand up for us because the present bunch sure doesn't.

  8. D.S. had a meet and greet in Milk River a few wks ago and talked for an hour answering questions, without notes.

    MaryT,she did the same thing here too in Claresholm last November. Both my husband and I were very impressed. I betcha there were about 80 people that showed up that night.

  9. i envy alberta. that province seems so passionate about how its affairs are run. here in ontario one can only hope that tim hudak has the same cahones as mike harris because there is no way in hell that we could ever see an upstart party like the wild rose become a contender.
    i swear if things get any worse in my god forsaken province i will have no choice but to move.


  10. i envy alberta. that province seems so passionate about how its affairs are run.

    Well,brad,passion has only come about in the last 2or3yrs. The current PC government under Ed Stelmach has screwed things up so badly. Even though Conservative is in the name Progressive Conservative, they're only conservative in name only. In the last few years they haven't done anything conservative whatsoever and the province is suffering for it. They've put us into deficit, our wait times in health care have gone up,we're losing our freedoms and they've been wasting taxpayer money. That's why we need a new government.
    I do wish you all well in Ontario and hope you can get rid of Dalton McGuinty and his crew and if Hudak ends up not what you wished for you're welcome to come to Alberta. There will a shortage of work again in the coming years.

  11. Brad, you are welcome to Alberta at any time. More people like you who are concern of one's province is greatly appreciated elswhere, in this case, alberta.
    Be prepared to work very hard in this province and I am not too sure if you pay Ontario health care but in Alberta we pay into AHC.


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