Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Shift Towards Conservatism in Canada

The Manning Center for Building Democracy  in their annual survey says Canadians are starting to embrace conservatism.   It was conducted just right after the election that resulted in PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives in winning a majority government.
"The ideological 'centre' in Canada has shifted to a new conservative ideology."
The poll also looks at how Canadians' attitudes align -- or not -- with typical 'small-c' conservative values and policies.
According to the Manning Centre's interpretation, not only are Canadians becoming more conservative, they also want their government to move away from pursuing grand visions and designs for society, and focus on the issues of the day.
Canadians, it appears, increasingly would like to take care of themselves. Of those surveyed, 67% said they believed government should get smaller, and 65% believe governments shouldn't try to anticipate and act on challenges of the future, but rather spend more time and energy managing the problems of today.
"Traditionally, Canadians were very, very deferential towards elites and looked to government not simply as a broker of the public good but a provider of the public good," said Allan Gregg, chairman of the polling firm Harris-Decima that conducted the survey.

It's just proves that big government ideas that was started under the  Pierre Trudeau Liberals hasn't worked.  May 2nd elections results play that out. Liberals are now  the third party.

That's  good news for conservatives. The party who will take this report  to heart and present conservative ideas  will gain the public's support.  Hopefully, the Harper government will do more conservative things.


  1. Or maybe the conservative party has shifted to the left and are now liberals.

    If you call a cat a dog it does not make it a dog.

  2. one out of 4 voters?
    2 out of 5 votes caste?
    that's "embracing"?
    that's funny


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