Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will We Finally See Smaller Goverment?

Let's hope so.  Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in Budget 2011 2.0 has indicated there will be spending cuts.  Where will the government make their cuts.  They have promised to balance the budget by 2014-2015.

No details have been give as of yet but apparently they are about to do a comprehensive review of spending to find at least $4 billion a year.  Programs will probably be slashed and the public service reduced. 

Right away the $2 voter subsidy will be phased out finally.  

It's a good start and I'm glad the Conservatives have finally indicated the size of government will be reduced and taxpayers dollars will be saved.  I just pray they follow through.

They could start by cutting funding the arts special interest groups, get rid of the CHRC, privatize the CBC, VIA Rail, eliminate the equalization program and get rid of those pesky regional development agencies as well.

Let's keep their feet to the fire to make sure they do what they say.


  1. o/t,

    PS unions in court to recoup $30B from pension plans

    Federal unions representing more than 300,000 public servants are in court today for their unprecedented lawsuit against the government to repay the $30 billion it siphoned from workers' pension plans to pay down the deficit.

    By The Ottawa Citizen November 15, 2005


  2. Here is another site to read from, frmgrl.

    Read the whole the discussion offered by many commentators regarding to Paul Martin's sneaky tactics on the surpluses. How many of us actually know what went on behind Martin's closed doors- the media isn't talking.

    Can we learn from Paul Martin about cutting spending?


  3. Reading your fantasy list is pretty funny. After years of growing government the CPC will just magically turn around and reverse it. Sure. Of course.

  4. Reading your fantasy list is pretty funny.

    It's not that they would actually take my advice but that list is just my personal preferences. Hey one can dream can't one?


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