Friday, August 12, 2011

Government IS The Problem

The financial turmoil in Europe and the US and the riots in the UK and Greece are basically caused by governments living beyond their means. Spending has gotten out of control.  

The western world have become welfare states over the last fourty years with more and more and bigger and bigger social programs that are unsustainable. The citizenry have become dependent on those programs to take of their every need.  Now, governments are in trouble.  Debt and deficits are spiraling out of control and economies are on the brink.  The standard of living is on the brink.

Yes even in Canada too.  We too have programs that are unsustainable such as  universal healthcare, and government pensions. Even though spending has ramped up in recent years the government now wants to make spending cuts instead of stimulus to promote economic growth This is long overdue but of course the NDP is going to fight the government every step of the way.

Lorne Gunter says that government is the real cause of our problems.
What do Obamacare, the London riots and a possible French debt crisis have in common? They are all proof that Western governments have grown beyond all reasonable, sensible limits. All these examples, and many more, demonstrate that we have grown utterly dependent on a ubiquitous state. Without one, we are at a loss about what to do.
We have lost the ability to fend for ourselves and think for ourselves. Like teenagers accustomed to electronic stimulation to occupy their minds every waking minute, we have no idea what to do when the power goes out. We are dumbfounded that the TV does not come on to amuse us, or the Xbox or iPod or smartphone.
In short, we no longer know how to be self-reliant.
Bingo! It's true we don't know how to be self-reliant anymore.  Like former President Ronald Reagan said at his inaugural address in 1981, "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."    

Yes, government IS the problem!!!

If our standard of living is to be retained or improved, governments everywhere at all levels need to reduce their size and get out of our everyday lives.   As individuals it's time we take responsibility. Self-reliance is the key.  We need to learn how to do for ourselves  and  become less dependent on government.  Government should NOT  be taking care of us from cradle to grave.  


  1. Well written and totally agree.
    We smugly watch people in Greece rioting because they will now have to wait until age 65 to retire.
    Then i stop and think the outrage if teachers were suddenly told they cannot retire at 55 yrs. The teachers in my family think it is their God given right! Even though government keeps topping up their pension fund because teachers themselves have voted year after year against increasing payments and now are not even close to funding their generous program.

  2. Government and the Green Environment plans..Any country that is relying or experimenting with wind farms & solar panels for energy and selling carbon credits or buying them from someone is unfortunately teetering on bankruptcy or is bankrupt.There energy expenses are so high they are borrowing money for salaries and health care.That so many countries have bought into this SCAM and are too proud to admit they made a mistake is more of a sad reflection on how people with good intentions can be hoodwinked by their own Governments and take years to realize they have been taken to the cleaners and have had their life savings destroyed .When will people start to think for themselves,do research to see that new ideas are not scams and really open up their brains to question snake oil salesmen like Suzuki the bug doctor and Gore the ????...Gore is now a billionaire probably, laughing at the fools who gave him an Oscar for his fictional movie that was full of lies and I think he even got a Nobel prize for his work on the environment.Government yes,but fools that don,t question or demonstrate against dishonest government policy are just as guilty.It is time to quit blaming the guy you elected and look into the mirror at the real problem.

  3. It is time to quit blaming the guy you elected and look into the mirror at the real problem.

    Zing!!! Great comment bertie!


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