Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who Is The New NDP Interim Leader,Nycole Turmel?

Not many Canadians knew who Nycole Turmel former head of PSAC now the new interim leader of the NDP is. She was appointed to take over while Jack Layton concentrates on fighting the latest bout of cancer. She was recommended by Jack Layton whom the the NDP caucus and national council affirmed last week.

Is Ms. Turmel a closet separatist? Well, according to the Globe and Mail, they found out she was a long time member of the Bloc Quebecois.
According to information obtained by The Globe and Mail, the 68-year-old became a member of the Bloc Québécois in December, 2006, the year she retired as president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. She sent back her membership card to the Bloc on Jan. 19 of this year in a signed letter to then-Bloc MP Carole Lavallée.“Enclosed is my Bloc Québécois membership card, which I wish to cancel. I wish to state that my request has nothing to do with the party’s policies, I am doing this for personal reasons,” Ms. Turmel wrote.
She then wished “good luck” to Ms. Lavallée, who went on to be defeated by an NDP candidate in the May 2 general election.
In addition to her membership in the Bloc, Ms. Turmel made four donations totalling $235 to the party between 2006 and 2011, according to party records. The donations, which ranged from $35 to $100, were not made public because they are under the $200 threshold for disclosure by political parties.
So where do Nycole Turmel's allegiances really lie? 

It's good that the media are doing their jobs and informing the public about who Ms. Turmel really is.

What to make of all this?  Well,I don't think we should be surprised.  One thing for sure the NDP don't need this right now, it's enough they have to deal with Jack's illness.

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