Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomorrow Alberta Gets a New Premier

Well tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow is when  PC members choose a new leader who will automatically become premier.  The the three choices are front runner Gary Mar, whose actually been in Washington DC the last few years as Alberta's envoy to promote the oil sands.

Second is Allison Redford who served as Justice Minister in the Ed Stelmach cabinet, and who had worked for Joe Clark in Ottawa.   By the way my condolences go out Allison on the tragic the loss of her mother the other day.  I pray God will comfort her and her family at this time.

Finally, Doug Horner who served under both Ralph Klein and Ed Stelmach administrations with various portfolios is also one of the three left standing vying for the keys to the Premier's office.

Not much change will be coming no matter who wins tomorrow. They're all the same. All three candidates are progressives.  The health care system is not going  to change,  education is not  going to change, the way the provincial government handles our money is also not going to change. They'll keep spending.

Not once in the debate the other night,did any of them talk about reducing spending, or reducing the size of government. 

I don't believe they'll suddenly become open and transparent in the way they do things either.  It'll still be backroom decision making like always.

So if any Albertan out there thinks that a PC Premier will change anything, they better think again.  I only hope that whoever becomes Premier tomorrow will call  a snap election.  The sooner the PC's are booted out the better, so that the province can move forward and get back that "Alberta Advantage."


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