Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NDP Leadership Candidates Divided on Gun Registry

Seems like the leadership hopeful's vying for the late Jack Layton's job are divided on the gun registry. 

Candidates,Brian Topp,Paul Dewar, and Peggy Nash all would bring the registry back. Nathan Cullen,Nikki Ashton,Robert Chisholm, and Martin Singh all say they wouldn't bring it back.  There was no response from Romeo Saganash. Thomas Mulcair hasn't taken a position.  It looks like an urban/rural divide.

One good thing is that the registry boondoggle will soon be a foot note in history.

 The government is in the process of killing the it and it will soon be gone. Third and final reading will take place at the end of the month which is next week.  It will then go to the Senate. Hopefully they can pass it before the Christmas break.

The Harper government's legislation to kill the registry is being studied by a parliamentary committee, and it is expected to return to the House of Commons at the end of the month for a final vote.
If whoever becomes the leader in the NDP and wants to revive the gun registry, go for it,  because it will be fodder in the next election. Make no bones about it.  A majority of the public is on the government's side on this one. 


  1. If the data is not destroyed, how long before it mysteriously appears in public via e-mails or whatever. Poor Quebec, no longer important in the great Country of Canada.
    I don't think they will elect ndpqers next time around.
    Why is that opposition party so sure they will win in 2015.

  2. I don't think they will elect ndpqers next time around.

    NDPQers are have less power now that we have our Conservative majority than they did in previous parliaments. And yes, you're right. All they can do is whine and complain like the Bloc did and see what voters did to them. They are very fickle in Quebec.

  3. Jack Layton was certainly the glue that held the Dippers together.
    They look like the Occupy movement in Parliament, not civil MPs.
    Foul language, naive questions (if you can understand them) and their relentless attacks on Minister Clement.
    But they crossed the line accusing him of altering hansard.
    The Occupiers of Parliament may get spanked over Clements breech of privlege letter.

  4. Even Harper was divided on the gun registry. He voted for the registry and then he flip flopped and voted against it.

  5. My mind still boggles at why Jack made her temporary leader. Did he really think he would ever be back. Que voted for Jack, not the ndp and the sooner they realize that the better.
    Instead of thinking and planning for the govt side in 2015, the ndpq should worry about what is happening today, not what was or wasn't spent in 2008.
    If anyone has watched the debates in the states and thought how boring, wait for the ndp leadership debates.
    Who will moderate them, I nominate Ezra. That might get viewers to watch their website.


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