Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Won't Our Premier Mom,Alison Redford Stand Up for Keystone XL Pipeline?

What is  Premier Mom, Alison Redford thinking?  She's going to Washington but she's not going to make a push for the Keystone XL Pipeline, an important project that would be good for our oilsands and the Canadian economy creating thousands of jobs.  It would also be good for the struggling US economy too creating thousands of jobs for Americans too.

It's time for her to stand up for the pipeline especially now that there has been setbacks with US State Dept. conducting a review.  She doesn't even think it's her job, according to Wildrose.
As Premier, she has said very little about this issue to date. Now we hear she doesn’t even think it’s her job to convince decision makers about why it should be built. It’s absolutely her job.”
On another note: Premier Mom,Alison Redford is announcing today, that she is appointing former Calgary Mayor and failed federal Liberal candidate, Dave Bronconnier as our new envoy to Washington DC,leadership rival Gary Mar's old job.  What the.....????

Time to call an election,Alison!!!


  1. She cannot promote Keystone. It is a higher priority to enact a law to confiscate vehicles for driving after having a pint and a plate of wings.


    Join, donate and volunteer Albertans.

    Ontario/US auto industry again poised to ask Cdn taxpayers for more money.
    That means the West pays again.

    They don't want our dirty oil,
    just our dirty money.

    We need a strong Premier,
    not a LibDipper plant.

  3. She's a Liberal in disguise; therefore, she's ashamed of any such project. Better to have bird cuisinarts all over the landscape than the oil sands.

  4. Who is the shortest serving premier of AB, Redford is going for the record. Next election can't come soon enough.


    Join, donate and volunteer Albertans.

    wilson,I agree. We must do everything possible to defeat this PC/Liberal government. Let's work hard to give Danielle Smith and Wildrose a victory like Brad Wall had the other night in Sask. May the PCs go down!

  6. Next election can't come soon enough.

    Me either. I can't wait to boot these people out.


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