Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is Bob Rae Thinking?

I guess Bob Rae has taken it upon himself to take a trip to the UAE to meddle in the spat over the issue of the UAE wanting more landing flights to our airports. What in the heck is he thinking? He's caught the ire of the PMO  and now Air Canada as well.

Is Bob acting without his party's approval? He seems to be at odds with at least Liberal Senator Colin Kenny who says that we should "drop the gloves" and calls the UAE "pompous thugs."
Why would I want to drop the gloves in dealing with the UAE? Because I think they're essentially a bunch of pompous thugs behaving like Canadians need them. We don't, and somebody should show them they can't treat us like the second-class citizens they hire to do virtually all the work in their seven fiefdoms.
How does his leader the Waffle feel?  We haven't heard boo from him.Where does he stand? Does he agree with the Senator or does he approve of Bob's approach? Did Bob get the OK from the Waffle to do this or his going rogue?  All you cracker jack investigative journalists out there, track the Waffle down and ask him. You would if the shoe was on the other foot.  You'd be howling that the opposition shouldn't be interfering directly in  government foreign affairs and crowing about divisions within  the Tory party.
Anyway, all what Bob is doing is making matters worse. It's going to be all the harder now for the government to deal with the UAE and find a solution to this problem.  Not only that but he's not helping out his party either.


  1. Not only did BOB RAE make a fool of himself, he always has shown the world that he has no respect for Canada and the sitting PM who already made it clear to UAE. With that I say, anyone or a country that wants access into this country against the best wishes of canada can and will demand the same treatment from BOB RAE. or BOB RAE faces a problem so huge so beyond his control that he will have no choice but to surrender to their will.

    Anyone who goes against the rightful sitting PM will in fact cause harm to our country and her citizens. e.g. if OSAMA wants to fly in here BOB Rae will have no choice but to allow him in.
    BOB RAE and the liberals are playing with fire and it is not only they who will get burn but the country as well.

  2. Did Bob get invited by the UAE, or did he go on his own accord. He also claims that he is paying for this trip out of his own pocket, how much of a discount is the UAE giving him and what are his accommodations. Is he staying at a hotel or some Prince's Palace. How did fly to the UAE, First Class, or Business. This has that Liberal and UAE stench all over it.

  3. At this point, you have to ask yourself one of two questions - 1) if Rae had the blessing of his leader, why hasn't the leader come out and said as much by now; 2) if Rae doesn't have the leader's blessing, then who is running the show?

  4. All good questions and points guys. One thing is for sure,he's overstepping the boundaries on this one.

  5. Bob Rae loves to be in the news.
    So he flies to the UAE and shoots back little nasties to the Libluvin media in Canada.
    Libs changing the channel from the economy.

    The author of the Arab article (link?) is also a director for one of the airlines in dispute....ha
    Qatar Airlines got a deal with Canada in October, the UAE didn't. sour grapes.

    Tho if someone is looking for some kind of a link, perhaps checking out who the Board of Directors on the Canadian Business Council in the UAE are,
    I can't find a list, maybe some crack reporter can.

  6. Libs changing the channel from the economy.

    That's an interesting perspective,wilson. I hadn't thought of that. All the good news that has come out on the economy is not what the Libs were hoping for. They were hoping the news would be that economy was tanking again and that jobs were being lost again so they could capitalize on it. So yeah the good news on the economy is a no go for them so they think they can make hay on the UAE issue.

  7. Home run! Yup economy doing well, bad news for Liberals. What to do,what to do?
    U.A.E. fly me to the Moon! It ain't much really one of our allies treats us with contempt.
    So Bob Rae runs all the way to their Country to make nice, offer sympathy? He does not have anything else to offer certainly no support from Canadians.
    Yawn Whatever-Gate another day another Liberal faux meltdown. I guess it's easier than actually offering an alternative.
    Bob is almost as entertaining as little Scott telling us "the economy isn't that great, and if it is it's because of the Liberals"?
    I would like to know if Mr Ignatieff sent him or if he is freelancing, where's Mr Ignatieff hiding?
    Cheers Bubba


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