Monday, March 28, 2011

John MaCallum:Corporate Tax Hikes=Job Losses

Yesterday Roy Green had a very interesting show.  At one point he had Liberal John MaCallum on as a guest. They got to talking about corporate taxes. As you know Liberals want to raise the corporate tax rate back at 18%. It's now down to 16.5%. Anyway, Roy got John to admit that corporate tax hikes would result in "minor job losses."    You see, Liberals want to take the money from the tax hikes to pay for their social entitlement programs.

Fellow blogger Alberta Aardvark has put together a great audio file on the MaCallum statement. Have look for yourself, MaCallum in his own words. h/t Alberta Aardvark

So in a nutshell, Liberals would sacrifice much need jobs that would stimulate the economy for their old tired social programs.   If you want to keep your job, don't vote Liberal, vote Conservative.  They are the ONLY party that will protect and encourage new job growth.


  1. No matter which way the media coalition spins it trying to delude us from talking excessively about the opposition own coalition especially with a separatist, it isn't going to work anymore.

    Had the media been upfront from day one going as far as Trudeau then Chretien and Martin corruption, canadians would not be in this mess today. The liberals definitely would not exceeded in power the day Chretien corruption and mismanagement of our troops was alerted. Unfortunately it wasn't. therefore we were left to stew in a mystery that was well covered up.
    Without the coalition media's devotion to the liberals and coalition only and not to canada is more reason to be alarm and remain alert at all times.

    To actually watch the media attack the PM and conservatives for no apparent reason at all is more reason to remember that the media coalition and their cohorts coalition opposition are NOT NOT for canada canadians, military.

  2. To actually watch the media attack the PM and conservatives for no apparent reason at all is more reason to remember that the media coalition and their cohorts coalition opposition are NOT NOT for canada canadians, military.

    It's sickening,really! We have a four party coalition,Libs/Dips/Bloc/MSM Remember that folks!

  3. This needs to be put on a tv ad immediatly.

  4. This needs to be put on a tv ad immediatly.

    I agree.

  5. Question is where and who is the 'real' msm.

    I have the strangest feeling that soros, avarz and very progressives in the states are connecting very closely with the 4coalition parties; too many coincidences are happening.

    -cbc interviews with avarz demanding that canada shouldn't have 'fox news north- now I wonder why should it concern avarz. we don't interfer with the american media and who should and shouldn't be in broadcasting.
    -you have CBC and coalition medias adoration for addressing him as PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA or his wife as 'first' lady as it should but the PMstephen harper who led us throw the recession and more is concidered names you might give to your enemy.
    Even Cadaffi is addressed: Mr. Cadhaffi or Col. Cadhaffi.and not sulphure, evil, nazi, murderer(bloc mp said in the HOC), that guy, barbaric...... .
    Not any of those derogatory names has ever been uttered towards, the worse of worse cut throats yet our PM bears those names.

    Have you read who Trudeau really was and who he liked. would shock you.

    If the PM doesn't get back into government. CANADA WILL FALL both here and in the face of the world.

    PM needs a majority to keep our country stable but, if he returns with a minority with the FOUR coalition parties; we will continue to experience the same hell.

    Also, if the conservatives are not re-elected 'everything the conservatives have done for canada in canada and her reputation in the international scene will cease with the PM HARPER and conservatives.
    Then the battle for survival starts.

  6. I forgot to mention this before frmgrl.
    If those 4 coalition goons take over this country; ALBERTA will separate. No communist, socialist, marxist and the most corrupt liberal party in canadian history are going to touch our oil resources revenues for their own pleasure. FORGET IT.

    Now I got that out of my system, lets help the PM and the conservatives all we can.
    PM will be at beaumont frmgrl. Hunter has all the information.

  7. Jen,you're darn right Alberta would separate! I'd love to go to the rally in Beaumont but I live way down south of Calgary. Maybe if he comes to Calgary I'll go.

  8. frmgrl, I thought you lived in edmonton,but now that you mention your location-no go.
    I lived in calgary for twenty eight years in fact, calgary was my first destination upon arriving in canada 35 years ago.
    My husband's mother and his sister live in SW CEDARBRAE.

    I understand now how the afghan and iraqi people must have felt not having a media to speak for them nor hear their voices but now, things have changed for them and they unlike us have a new media to speak for them and not against them. Good for them
    Yet we who suppose to live in the 'free' world as it is put, are experiencing major problems re to the msm. and until there is a new one (media) not some newsmedia that has connection to the liberal media code, canada will remain as is.

  9. GSA and OMB Cause Private Sector Job Loss


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