Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CBC Shocker! Reality Check on Libs Plan to Raise Corporate Taxes

This is something coming from the state broadcasting corporation but they did a reality check on the Liberals plan to raise corporate taxes to pay for their social engineering programs.  Go see for yourself,you'll be amazed that seeing it's  coming from one of the CBC's Harper haters Keith Boag..  H/T wilson from Bluelikeyou


  1. Is this a belated April fool joke?

  2. Is this a belated April fool joke?

    Gee,I hope not,Berti.

  3. Who let that slip by?

  4. What I didn't like about the article is this line:

    "The current corporate tax rate is 16.5 per cent and would drop to 15 per cent in 2012, under the Conservatives."

    Forgive my ignorance, but didn't ALL the parties, or at least a majority of MPs, vote this reduction in? It would be better to state that it was "the Government" who brought this in.

    Of course I realize that this doesn't fit in with the narrative, but who's to split hairs?

    Chris Demers (sorry it wouldnt let me post under the Name/URL type)

  5. Boag is almost coming around it seems to seeing the light. The elephant in the room for any liberal promise is that its presented as someone else paying for it.
    Corporate tax increases - meaning pass on to consumer
    Carbon tax/cap and trade - tax on energy use (electrical and gas)
    Education passport - a "sponsorship program" for post-secondary institutions and a huge burueacracy to attend to it. Worse still, it seems more like a backdoor attempt of apply a Canada Health Care Act type incursion into education.


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