Thursday, April 7, 2011

Canadians Do Not Like Coaltions

In Nik Nanos latest poll he asked Canadians how they feel about coaltions.  Here is what he found out.
 Forty-nine per cent of those interviewed by Nanos Research for The Globe and Mail and CTV had a negative or somewhat negative reaction when asked what they thought of “the idea of a coalition government.” Forty per cent viewed the idea positively or somewhat positively, while 12 per cent weren’t sure.
Even some of those who plan to vote for other than the Conservatives reject the idea of a coalition. Eighteen per cent of Liberal supporters and 19 per cent of NDP supporters said they were definitely opposed.
“Even among Liberals, one out of five has a negative impression of a coalition,” pollster Nik Nanos observed. “Those are the people Mr. Harper’s going after.”
Nanos breaks it down here.
So there you go. Canadians clearly don't like the idea of a coalition government. The only way to prevent a coalition of the losers is to return PM Harper and his Conservatives with a clear majority otherwise even though the majority of Canadians are opposed to one the Libs/NDP/Bloc they will not hesitate to seize power.

Besides the Bloc would hold a great deal of influence in that kind of a situation and I don't think it would sit very well in Canada.


  1. Please say Canada, not ROC!

  2. Please say Canada, not ROC!

    Alright,I'll clarify it.

  3. There is no question the Bloc would try and run the show.

    Even if a voter doesn't like PM Harper and the Conservatives , in this election , it still boils down to ... a vote for the Liberals or NDP is a vote for the Bloc.

    It will continue this way until there is a majority Tory government that abolishes the $1.95 per vote funding of political parties.

    Oh and BTW ... the Bloc receive roughly 85-90% of their funding from ALL Canadian taxpayers.

  4. Your blog was just mentioned CFRA. Great recognition Farmgirl. Take a bow!

  5. just got mentioned on CFRA Radio in Ottawa...nice!! billg

  6. Your blog was just mentioned CFRA. Great recognition Farmgirl. Take a bow! just got mentioned on CFRA Radio in Ottawa...nice!! billg

    Thanks guys,I'm flattered!

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    Listen for yourself a little later in the interactive interviews.

    MadMacs of Bytown

  8. There is absolutely no doubt that with 50 seats, Duceppe and the separatists would be second in command.

    Canadians polled preference in a coalition of losers, was Jack Layton as leader.
    Not gonna happen.

    How bizare, eh.
    The leader most Canadians want as PM, and a party winning near majority seats, not in government.
    Tossed out by century old British rules.

    Yet a coalition of losers led by guy polling at 12.5 % , # 3 out of 3,
    and the separatists 8% of the population (Bloc voters) dictating policy for the other 92% of Canadians... because liberals want back into power at any price.
    it's enough to make a person sick.

  9. I think the poll should have been more specific. For example asking people whether or not they support the idea of a coalition government does not address the actual situation. I have yet to meet anyone who is not livid over the idea of a coalition being formed with the sole intent of grabbing power. So we are talking about of coalition gaining power even though another party had been elected with a minority. That amounts to a coup and that is what makes people livid.

  10. Another "disgusting" candidate on Ignatieff Liberal team.
    This "disgusting" candidate, as labeled by Ignatieff himself, in Wild Rose will continue to be on the Liberal team, and remain an advisor and confidant for Ignatieff on crime legislation
    Ignatieff said he was "disgusted " by the comments of Liberal candidate John Reilly in Alberta, who is poster child for Liberal policy of tough on crime, who suggested not all sexual offenders deserve to go to prison.
    "These remarks are utterly ,totally unacceptable. We find them, in fact disgraceful That remark was simply unacceptable and he knows that" but Iohn Oreilly will remain a member of the Ignatieff Liberal team in this election. Nobody on Liberal team will question this decision because as Ignatieff has told Canadians "only I speak for the Liberal party" and this makes sense to him.
    Is it any wonder now that the new Liberal crime policy will require no jail cells?
    Only yesterday we learned of another disgusting member of the Liberal team (even by Liberal standards) Andre Forbes, who has been a Liberal candidate in Quebec, since August of 2009.

  11. I hate Liberals. Just thought I'd make that clear. ;)

  12. Who can imagine Ignatieff NOT triggering a coalition if there is another minority elected?

    It will fulfill his ambition to be Prime Minister, prevent a hostile leadership review and allow him to kick Bob Rae and the Young Dauphin in the teeth. Having Jack Layton in Cabinet and doing whatever Giles Duceppe tells him to is a small price to pay for such outstanding results...


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